Who is Kathie Lee? Kathie Lee Gifford is one American TV Host and also a songwriter, singer, actress, comedian, and author. She is ideal known because that her function as a TV moderator on the NBC Talk reflects Live! through Regis and also Kathie Lee, i m sorry she hosted for 15 years alongside the well-regarded Regis Philbin. Kathie to be on the display from 1985 all the means up until the year 2000. Then, indigenous 2008 to 2019, she co-hosted the fourth hour of TODAY v Kathie Lee & Hoda. After every these year on TV, you far better believe Kathie Lee Gifford residence is HUGE!


Where walk Kathie Lee Gifford live?

Kathie Lee Gifford house Nashville

In 2019, Kathie Lee Gifford moved from she beloved house in Connecticut (more on that below) to a brand-new pad in Nashville, TN. She to be interviewed by The Tennessean and was quoted saying “I moved here because I to be dying of loneliness.” therefore sad – but she states she has found an amazing group of artists to collaborate with.

In July 2019, Kathie payment $3.7 million because that a 7,965 square foot brownstone in Franklin, Tennessee – a affluent suburb that Nashville wherein a ton that celebrities live. Small is know around the home, yet The Tennessean did get a emergence inside throughout their interview.

Kathie Lee Gifford home Greenwich, Connecticut

Before moving to Nashville, this is wherein Kathie spent many of she time. She has claimed that the backyard is her favourite spot in her substantial mansion. The is positioned in Riverside, which is recognized to it is in the ‘fanicer’ component of Greenwich. The backyard functions a big grass area with numerous seating locations which offer views of long Island and you can also just around see the Manhattan skyline in the distance.

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Believe it or not, she commuted to and from this residence every day through hosting the fourth hour of TODAY! It’s just over one hour every way. You better believe she to be driven.

Kathie Lee Gifford’s house and her favorite outdoor area experienced some damages when Hurricane Sandy struggle the area in 2012. Speaking of the turmoil, Kathie Lee said, “Everybody was hit tough in different ways. Us only shed some 250-year-old trees which to be sad because that us because they had been there for such a long time, yet you can’t compare that to the disastrous loss the other human being had. Rather of moaning and also groaning around it, ns felt favor the lord was saying in my love ‘Let’s go to work. Let’s make something beautiful.” and also so she entirely revamped the damage into a beautiful area for her family members to live in again.

She transformed among the outdoor areas into a fully equipped bar i beg your pardon overlooks the beautiful water and is where she hosts numerous a summer party with family and friends. Over there is additionally a exclusive dining area through a vast dining table which sits directly next come the water’s edge.

The residence resembles that of a Spanish Revival format home, v white stucco and also red roof tiles. The house is situated on the an extremely tip that the area and also is nearly it’s very own private island. It, of course, has actually a pool and also a tennis court, as well as parking for staff.


We’ve got more where that came from here: Kathie Lee Gifford address & picture Gallery!

Kathie Lee Gifford Nantucket House

In 1998, Kathie and also her husband bought a little vintage house in the downtown area that Nantucket. It had actually a tiny driveway yet sat an extremely close come the sidewalk, as most of the older homes in the area do. However, they offered the residence after a short while because it go not market the pair the privacy lock desired. Instead, lock purchased a $5.8 million residence in a much more secluded and much more remote area of the island.

Kathie Lee Gifford residence in Florida

Kathie Lee Gifford vital Largo residence in Florida has been ~ above the market because April 2018 because that a chuck $10.5 million. The TV hold attempted to sell the beautiful home in the summer that 2017 yet the sale went unfulfilled.


The ar is quite custom. Inspect out every the picture in our Kathie Lee Gifford House, an essential Largo gallery here!

Gifford originally bought the residence with she husband ago in 1998 for $3.9 million. The mansion is an incredible 11,419 square foot, sits on .44 acres, and features eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms. It has actually a beautiful location too, as it sits ideal on the leaf of the water and is about 1.5 hours drive from the facility of Miami.

The residence is perfect picturesque, with vast glass doors v wrought iron accents i m sorry welcome you right into the splendid home. As you walk right into the entranceway, you are greeted through beautiful foliage, water features, and marvelous decoration. Yes a pool, spa, fire pit and an outdoor dining area. There’s a gym, kitchen, 2 official dining areas, household room, an excellent room and an elevator which has accessibility to all three floors that the home. Together of yet, the home has actually yet to it is in sold.

How lot is Kathie Lee Gifford network worth?

According to Celebrity net Worth, Kathie Lee Gifford is worth an remarkable $30 million i beg your pardon is mainly because of her career as a TV Host.

Is Kathie Lee Gifford married to Frank Gifford?

Kathie and Frank Gifford to be married from October 18, 1986, and also remained married until his death on august 9, 2015. Frank passed away simply a week prior to he was as result of celebrate his 85th birthday. It was reported that Frank died due to herbal causes. The pair had actually two kids together, Cody who is now 28, and also Cassidy, who is now 25 years old.


When go Regis leave Live! v Regis and Kelly?

Regis Philbin left Live! through Regis and also Kelly in 2011 after 24 seasons as the show’s co-host. Despite his hosting companion Kelly Ripa taking offense come his exit as she thought it to be to perform with her, he actually claims that him leaving was due to the reality that he to be 80 years old and also had to be a part of the display for an tremendous 36 years!

It’s to be reported that Regis and also Kelly haven’t talked since his departure. Such a bummer!

Where space Kathie Lee and Hoda now?

Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb have actually been hosting top top the Today display for 10 years now! and also to celebrate an exceptional decade the their amazing presenting job together, they room traveling about Italy, drink wine, eat pasta and enjoying the Italian society as component of their an excellent celebration.

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What dimension dress walk Kathie Lee Gifford wear?

We know that Kathie Lee is 5 feet 5 customs tall, weigh around 117 pounds, and wears a dimension 14. Why carry out we know this!? LOL

What is Kathie Lee as much as now?

Kathie Lee called TODAY that she has actually written a movie titled Love Me come Death which she is because of star in too! Craig Ferguson has been cast to show up in the movie too which is due to start filming in June 2018 in Scotland. The movie is around a widowed woman, that Kathie insurance claims is actually no anything choose herself. She states she hopes the film will be ready to relax by Christmas that 2018.