As Star battles fans proceed to lick your wounds over the blended bag that was The increase of Skywalker, the galaxy proceeds to relocate on, in some quite surprising directions. Making Star Wars editor Jason Ward dropped a pretty large bombshell on Friday afternoon, revealing his sources have actually told him that a controversial personality from the prequel trilogy will return in the Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ series starring Ewan McGregor.

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No, we’re no talking about Anakin, or Padme, Yaddle, Watto, or those trade Federation guys. We’re v the looking glass here, people. Follow to Ward’s sources, jar Jar Binks is back baybeeeee!

“I’m called “Ben” Kenobi crosses routes with his old friend from Naboo, jar Jar Binks. Early on work has actually been performed for the CGI Gungan’s return to Star Wars,” Ward writes.

As is usual of the Disney-Lucasfilm era, this isn’t a grown and also sexy seasoned Jar, however an old sad bastard mirroring on his failures. He’s even controlled to prosper a mandatory beard of shame, favor Luke Skywalker.

“Jar Jar has a beard come reflect wherein he’s been and what his life has been like since they were every deceived through a good lie that introduced the very first Galactic Empire,” the leaker elaborates.

Ward did no disclose even if it is this chastened, post-Republic jug Jar will be watched bitterly swigging eco-friendly walrus-tiddy milk, like Old Luke in The critical Jedi.


The Making Star Wars editor note that since the display hasn’t filmed yet, the scripts and plans because that the display are likely to change, so he’s dealing with it together a rumor. Still, he adds, “I think it to be accurate and on the way.”

We already know Ahmed Best, who portrayed the goofy Gungan in the prequel trilogy, will certainly be hosting a collection on Disney+, Jedi holy place Challenge.

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The game show promises to pit younglings with a collection of physical and also mental feats, in what us imagine to it is in something akin come Nickelodeon’s 90’s gems choose Guts and also Legends that the concealed Temple, only with a Star wars twist. It’s not outside the realm of opportunity that he can reprise his role for a cameo or two in the upcoming Kenobi series.

As surprising as this recent leak is, it does raise part pretty attractive storytelling possibilities because that Kenobi (which is what we’re call it till Disney tells united state otherwise). It would certainly be enormously interesting to see exactly how Obi-Wan and Jar Jar reaction to Anakin’s fall, and also whether they acquire up to anything relating to Anakin and also Padme’s children. There’s a many of exciting ties to the Skywalker and also Palpatine clans ~ above Naboo that the show could mine as well.

Until who at Lucasfilm renders it main though, this is all just bantha poodoo. Still, gotta recognize — we don’t hate this idea as lot as we thought we would.