Thank friend so lot for every the feedback in message or in the comments. Before the release of thing 5, I have made tiny revamps ~ above the present chapters addressed grammar errors and also inconsistencies, plus bonus scenes, call it an extended Cut if you will.

Keep analysis as over there are an ext chapters and also stories to come!

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Restored: The Trials of Princess Leia

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Rescued native the old epic place archives. I actually wrote this one, method back when. Never got about to choose it up again. Edited because that clarity and also grammar.

"Excuse me, can you phone call me wherein I can find Princess Leia?"

Leia slowly lifted she eyes indigenous the hill of paperwork extending the board room table she was utilizing as a desk. In the seven months since the realm fell countless planets were seeking entrance into the brand-new Galactic Senate. Just like all points political, this came through piles that litigation, room territorial claims, mediation between interspecies conflicts, and also treaty development. And be it because that proof reading, a signature, seal or stamp, in one means or another it all finished up top top Princess Leia's makeshift desk.

"You've discovered her." The 24 year old princess gave a worn down smile, her lips parting to offer a glimpse at perfect teeth. She rolled her shoulders and stretched, she toned and perfect body quivering together she moved for the first time in hours. Her muscles to be sore - it take it a lot of of hours in the gym to remain in shape. Combined with the hrs she had to spend making sure the galaxy continued to be spinning ~ above time left she tense. "How can I aid you?"

The guy who asked to be a environment-friendly skinned Twi'lek in a dapper tuxedo. Make a keep in mind of miscellaneous on a holopad that turned and also called earlier into the hallway. "She's here!"

A squadron the intergalactic police marched into the room neighboring the baffled woman. Transforming back to Leia he smiled with mocking sadness. "My surname is Marko Festo, intergalactic lawyer at law. I'm right here with a warrant authorizing me to lug you into custody immediately, and transfer you to tribunal an are station of Zarz." that licked his lips. "I'm afraid, sweet princess, you space under arrest.”

Leia gaped. "Arrest? top top what charges?"

The smile on the Twi'lek's confront shifted native feigning sadness to a predatory smirk. "For the attempted murder of Jabba the Hutt, your lawful husband and master."