DALLAS, TX – APRIL 02: Tony Romo that the Dallas Cowboys and also Candice Crawford watch a game in between the Dallas Mavericks and the Houston Rockets in ~ American Airlines center on April 2, 2015 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo through Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Candice to be living at residence with her parents at the moment of the an initial date. According to she brother, gibbs Chace Crawford, she made she parents hide to no embarrass her.

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“They said, ‘We’re already here. What perform you want us to do?’ and also she said, ‘Hide. Hide in the back.’ She made my parents hide,” Chace called theRich Eisen Show.

The couple began date in 2009 and married two years later.

Candice formerly spoke around Tony’s play career and how it all set him to be the broadcasting star the he is for CBS.

“When he to be playing, after ~ every video game – win or lose – we’d invite everyone over to the residence that to be at the video game with us and also he would certainly stand increase in front of the TV and failure his game. I also got him a pointer because it wasvery serious,” she told because that The Win. “He would analyze the game and break it down, therefore this to be a organic transition.

“And together a quarterback you’re constantly having to guess what the defense is going come do, so when he’d malfunction the theatre for us after his game, he’d to speak ‘I knew I had to change to this (play) due to the fact that I witnessed this male moving this way.’ so to execute that ~ above TV was just a yes, really natural shift – and, for me, not lot of a surprise because I’d checked out him to perform so much.”

Romo has currently been back in the spotlight this NFL season, getting major praise for his occupational on CBS.

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I love how corny Romo is in the booth—to no persons surprise

— Dan Orlovsky (
danorlovsky7) September 19, 2021

Romo will be ~ above the speak to of Sunday afternoon’s game in between the Pittsburgh Steelers and also the green Bay Packers.