The animatedtelevisionseriesFamily Guyis at this time in its 19th season, airing top top Fox for an ext than 2 decades. Faithful viewers can’t seem to get enough of the controversial content and also vulgar parodies.

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The long-running comedy series has earn its location in pop society history. Admittedly, it’s not every day that a baby through a football-shaped head, who has the psychic of a killer, partakes in daily conversation through his dog.

The setup of the present is in the beloved town of Quahog, Rhode Island. Through plenty of restaurants, sporting venues, and city buildings, it seems it might be an really location. There space so plenty of references to regional attractions the fans can’t aid but wonder if it is a real town.

‘The family members Guy’ is a weird look into the human being of Peter Griffin

this whole episode was really just about peter's pants…:

— household Guy (
FamilyGuyonFOX) April 19, 2021

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Despite its frequently inappropriate adult content, the fight animated series has won eight Emmy Awards. Produced by Seth MacFarlane, the an initial controversial episode aired in 1999 following Super bowl XXXIII. The politics incorrect program caught the attention of viewers yet could not secure a financially rewarding time slot to save audiences engaged.

It wasn’t till 2003 thatFamily Guyattracted a cult-like following. Entertain Weekly defined that Fox decided to relax the an initial 28 episodes of the animated collection on DVD. Nearly 400,000 duplicates sold within the first month.


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The animated collection revolves approximately the zany adventures the the dysfunctional Griffin family, led by parents Peter and also Lois. Meg is the social outcast larger child, and Chris is she awkward enlarge brother.

Stewie is the maniacal youngest child that IMDb describes together a “genius baby bent on killing his mother and destroying the world.” Then, over there is Brian, the talk dog that “keeps Stewie in inspect while sipping martinis and sorting with his very own life issues.”

The Griffin household lives in Quahog, Rhode Island

peter has constantly understood the assignment and nailed that

— family Guy (
FamilyGuyonFOX) April 6, 2021

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The Griffin family members hails indigenous Quahog, Rhode Island, a tiny town situated near Providence.

The neighborhood high school, called after gibbs James Woods, to be renamed in the season finale that Season 17. Follow to yard Barker, that was an effort to “stick it to James Woods!” that is now referred to as Adam West local High School, in respect of the deceasedBatmanactor.

Regardless that the school’s name, the structure does no exist. Quahog is a fictional town arisen in the mental of the animated collection creators. MacFarlane to visit the Rhode Island institution of Design and is really familiar through the the smallest state in America.

Several that the areas in the renowned sitcom are based on real areas in and also around Providence. There room so plenty of references to distinct attractions in the s State thatBoston.comreports The Blackstone sink Tourism Council developed aFamily Guytour.

The Providence skyline attributes One gaue won Plaza, 50 Kennedy Plaza, and also the 1927 financial institution of America Tower. The structures are visible from the backyard of the Griffin residence on Spooner Street, an yes, really location. The big blue termite checked out on the display is one iconic component of Rhode Island culture and is, in fact, very real.

Lois originates from the well-off Pewterschmidt family. Their fictional home, Cherrywood Manor, is fashioned ~ the real Breakers heritage in Newport, developed by the Vanderbilts in 1893. The fictitious Nifty Fifties Diner, often frequented by the Griffin family, resembles the modern-day Diner located in Pawtucket. McCoy stadium mirrors the immaculately restored baseball venue, i beg your pardon is house to the Pawtucket Red Sox.

Is Quahog, Rhode Island a genuine place?

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The town of Quahog is as fictional together the characters in the long-running man series. But, the references to the Rhode Island landmarks organize a ar near and also dear to the understanding of regional residents.

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Even fans from outside the small new England town have actually a enthusiasm for bringingFamily Guyto life. Over there is a bar in Dallas, Texas, that has actually turned their establishment into the show’s favourite watering hole.

The Drunken Clam, whereby Peter likes to litter a couple of back, is alive and well in ~ The Whippersnapper Bar. Taking truth to a whole new level, bar owners adjusted the building’s exterior to look exactly like The Drunken Clam. The bar, filled withFamily Guymemorabilia, has actually a food selection that has Pawtucket Patriot Ale, which according toSlash Film, is “really a müller High Life v a fake label on it.”