In this lessons, we will certainly look at exactly how to identify whether a Trigonometric duty is Even, strange or Neither.

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What Is An even Function?

An even function is symmetric (by reflection) around the y-axis , i.e. F(-x) = f(x)

What Is one Odd Function?

An odd function is symmetric (by 180° rotation) around the origin, i.e. F(-x) = -f(x)

The complying with table mirrors the also Trigonometric Functions and also Odd Trigonometric Functions. Scroll under the web page for more examples and step by action solutions.


Even Trigonometric Functions and Identities

Cosine duty is even. Cos(-x) = cos x Secant duty is even. Sec(-x) = sec x

Odd Trigonometric Functions and Identities

Sine duty is odd. Sin(-x) = - sin xCosecant function is odd. Csc(-x) = - csc xTangent duty is odd. Tan(-x) = - tan xCotangent duty is odd. Cot(-x) = - cot x

Determine even if it is A Trigonometric duty Is Odd, Even, Or Neither

Examples through Trigonometric Functions: Even, strange or NeitherCosine function, Secant function, Sine function, Cosecant function, Tangent function, and also Cotangent function

examples With Trigonometric Functions: Even, strange Or Neither

Example 2

Determine even if it is the complying with trigonometric duty is Even, strange or Neithera) f(x) = sec x tan x

Example 3

b) g(x) = x4 sin x cos2x

Example 4

c) h(x) = cos x + sin x

just how To use The Even-Odd properties Of The Trigonometric Functions?

Example: uncover the exact value using even-odd properties.(a) sin(-30°) (b) cos(-3π/4) (c) tan(-π/4)

exactly how To identify Trig function Values Based Upon whether The duty Is strange Or Even?

Determine each role value.If cos(x) = 0.5, then cos(-x) = ___.If sin(x) = 0.15, then sin(-x) = ___.If tan(-x) = -3, then tan(x) = ___.If sec(-x) = 1.4, then sec(x) = ___.

how To Use even Or Odd nature To evaluate Trig Functions?

Evaluate the trigonometric duty by very first using even/odd properties to rewrite the expression with a optimistic angle. Give an accurate answer carry out not usage a calculator.sin(-45°)sec(210°)cos(-π6)csc(-3π/2)

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