Sasha Obama reportedly Attending university Of Michigan & all The Sororities currently Want her To Join


Sasha Obama is apparently slated to begin classes at the university of Michigan soon. And also she"s top top the radar of all the sororities top top campus. Much more inside...

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Whew, lawd. Time has actually flown.

It feels favor we just met Sasha Obama when she and her family members was introduced to the world as the an initial Family of the United states in 2008. Now, she"s all grown up and she"s gearing up for college this fall.

The youngest Obama is leaving Washington, D.C. To reportedly start university at the university of Michigan top top the Ann Arbor campus.

Now, every the Greek organizations at the university room reportedly placing in job-related to obtain her come pledge v their organization. And it"s no surprised she"s currently the campus" "it girl," much like how her huge sister, Malia Obama, was as soon as she stepped foot top top Harvard University"s campus.

The upcoming freshman was apparently seen by various other students during summer freshman orientation, according to The Detroit News. She was spotted again this mainly accompanied by men thought to be secret Service agents. She choose a large 10 university, taking a different path 보다 the remainder of she family, who all to visit Ivy organization schools.

According come TMZ, Alpha Chi Omega (AXO) is the front-runner and for a couple of reasons, consisting of the truth she reportedly stayed at the AXO"s house during a vault visit come the school. Also, one of her high school friends allegedly pledged there as well. Deep sigh.

"I was walking by advertise a vacuum and she go out appropriate in prior of me," third-year college student Zach Lassen called The Detroit News. "I said, "Excuse me." It to be a overfilled hallway with her and also some secret Service dudes It"s nice cool," he added.

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Sasha"s mom, first Lady Michelle Obama, didn"t pledge in ~ Princeton, however she ended up being an honorary member the Alpha Kappa Alpha in 2008.

Twitter began cutting up when news broke around the Greeks trying to recruitment her:

Imagine thinking Sasha Obama gives any kind of damns about you and ya line sisters strolling. Pic.twitter.com/3qB7uRWcdP

— Scamela James (
geminibuttaflyy) august 30, 2019

Sasha Obama breaking v that Stroll line at Michigan! pic.twitter.com/XSZ4gp3tpy

— (
YOSEPHPESOY) respectable 30, 2019

I just don’t understand exactly how you check out Sasha Obama is coming to her school and the very first thing girlfriend thinking around is her breaking her stroll line? weird af to begin with

— pumi (
TLOPumi) august 30, 2019

shorty deleted the Sasha Obama tweet and locked she account ns know secret Service to be at she dorm favor this pic.twitter.com/WAK6a2d3DC

— (
kingseb__) august 30, 2019

It"ll be exciting to watch what the former very first Daughter decides on. We have actually a suggestion if you need it, Sasha!