"But the takes an ext than the appropriate cinematic look and facial qualities to holdyour own with the best and also the brightest in the industry as Culp does.The actor has actually the pundit depth to grasp the complexities the portrayingdifficult personalities placed in extraordinary circumstances."~ Keith Jeffreys, Venice Magazine
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Who is Mr. Steven Culp?Mr. Steven Culp is an American television, film, and also stage actor.
Is Mr. Culp"s surname Steven or Stephen?His surname is STEVEN Culp.However, sometimes his name is spelled "Stephen," e.g. In credits of movie ("Spartan").
What is Steven Culp"s birth name?His birth surname is Steven Bradford Culp.
Where to be Steven Culp born?Steven to be born in La Jolla, California.
When is Steven Culp"s birthday?Steven"s birthday is ~ above December 3.
What is the shade of Steven Culp"s eyes?Steven"s eyes room hazel, even though lock sometimes appear blue, green or brown.
How high is Steven Culp?Steven is 5" 11" (1.80 m) tall.
Is Steven Culp married?Steven Culp has actually been married come costume designer Barbara Ayers due to the fact that September 29, 1990."While filming "Gore Vidal"s Lincoln" in Richmond, the met Barbara, a television costume designer, who he later married."
Does Steven Culp have actually children?Together through Barbara he has two children, fraternal twins, Katherine Bradford Culp, referred to as Katie, and Joseph Raymond Culp, called Joe. They to be born top top Oct 6, 2001.
What hobbies go Steven Culp have?In his preventive time Steven enjoys speding time through his family, bicycling, play guitar, and also writing fiction.
What type of music walk Steven Culp like?Steven enjoys listening to the Beatles, Tom Waits, and also Elvis Costello. He additionally enjoys playing etc to your music.
Did Steven Culp really get his nose broken in the JAG illustration "Gypsy Eyes" in ~ the start of the 4th season?In the ending scene that the JAG episode "Gypsy Eyes" the script referred to as for Admiral Chegwidden to lay a punch to Webb that knocks him to the ground. However, the scene became a tiny too "real" as man M. Jackson accidentally associated with Steven Culp (Webb) for real - with the an outcome that Culp"s sleep was broken.During the filming of "The Sisters" some years later, Steven"s sleep was damaged again. The production essential to be stopped for a while and also Steven needed cosmetic surgical treatment to solve his nose.Back in 1991, Steven and also his mam were mugged ~ above the street in the Los Angeles area. Throughout that incident the mugger struggle Steven so tough that he broke Steven"s nose. Then he took off with Steven"s wallet.
Was Steven Culp regarded actor Robert Culp?Steven to be not pertained to Robert Culp despite their close same to every other.Steven Culp with his dad at the premiere the "Thirteen Days."
What union is Steven Culp a member of?* display screen Actors Guild (SAG) - American labor union representing film and also television principal and background performers* Actors" equity Association (AEA) - American job union representing American actors and stage supervisors in the theatre
What charities go Steven Culp support?Steven supports the complying with charities:* Bryan and Kathryn Harvey family Memorial Endowment* weSPARK Cancer support Center
Does Steven ever do official signings in public?Steven typically will sign autographs because that fans after movie promotions, theatre performances or in ~ conventions. He"s excellent this after theatre performances in san Francisco, CA, Washington D.C., and also Costa Mesa, CA, and at the Star Trek conventions in las Vegas, NV, in 2010, 2012, 2014 and also 2017. Film promotions are seldom announced far in advance, but, if he renders a publicly appearance to encourage a film, you deserve to sometimes obtain lucky and also say hello.
Does Steven Culp know this website?Steven knows this website and also visits the from time to time.If he reads the guest book entries is no known. If you want to make sure Steven reads what you want him to know, please usage Steven"s management address (that is stated below) to compose him. Keep in mind the not everything can get a response, and long time lapses as result of Steven"s liven schedule deserve to occur.
Where and how can fan letter be sent out to Steven Culp?You can write to Steven v his management:Steven Culp c/o Miriam Milgrom Management3614 Lankershim Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90068
What"s the surname of Steven Culp"s agency?(Please don"t send pan mail to the firm address. Please use the management resolve that is stated above.)Domain Talent Agency9229 Sunset Blvd. Suite 710Los Angeles, CA 90069
How walk Steven Culp"s agency picture look like?You can uncover Steven"s earlier and current company photos here.
Professional Milestones:* during season 2003-2004, Steven Culp had recurring functions on 4 series: CIA agent Clayton Webb on "JAG," home Speaker Jeff Haffley on "The West Wing," significant Hayes, commander of the MACOs ~ above "Star Trek: Enterprise" and Dave Spencer, among Dr. Corday"s love interests on "ER." He likewise managed come squeeze in guest appearances top top "The Lyon"s Den" and also "CSI: Crime scene Investigation" during the season.* at the finish of season 2004, Steven Culp had the inexplicable misfortune to have actually both of his personalities on "JAG" and "Star Trek: Enterprise" killed off in the very same week, in the shows" season finales (though Webb rotate up an extremely much alive in the subsequent season premiere of JAG).* during the season 2004-2005, Steven Culp play Rex van De Kamp, husband that perfectionist Bree valve De Kamp, play by Marcia Cross, top top the TV show "Desperate Housewives" in the an initial season. Once again, his character was killed off in ~ the finish of the season.* In 2008 Steven Culp guest stared in the pilot illustration "The Mentalist" and, when again, was eliminated off in ~ the first 5 minutes of the show.* Steven Culp is in the team of people who have appeared in both of Donald P. Bellisario"s creations: "JAG" and "NCIS." He showed up as CIA agent Clayton Webb in 41 illustration of "JAG" and in the "NCIS" illustration "Chimera" (5.06).* Steven Culp had a scene as the new an initial officer ~ above the Enterprise-E top top "Star Trek - Nemesis" (2002). He play Commander young name Madden, a character created to replace William Riker together Enterprise very first officer. Yet due to the film running too long, Steven"s scene (along with various other scenes) were cut from the last film, for this reason Madden have the right to now only be checked out in the Nemesis DVD turned off scenes.* Steven Culp play the so late President man F. Kennedy in "Perception - Shadow" (2012) and the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy twice: as soon as in "Thirteen Days" (2000) and the other in "Norma Jean & Marilyn" (1996) (TV).* Steven Culp filmed a collection of TV commercials for "AT&T" in 2011. Many years before that, he play a grape top top a "Fruit that the Loom" commercial. Some years ago, Steven videotaped audio commercials for "Budweiser," "Ford "Drive One," "Morgan Stanley," flu shots, and "Wallgreens."* In 2005 Steven Culp won the Celebrity Poker Showdown 7th Season Championship game. The seventh tournament premiered October 13, 2005, v a themed present featuring masculine stars native "Desperate Housewives," and a $1 million (US) prize pool, through $500,000 going come Steven"s charity: us Spark Cancer assistance Center.
Fun Facts:* Steven Culp does very own a copy of the Marvel comic daredevil #1 (Cover Date: April 1, 1964).
Awards: * 2006 - display screen Actors Guild Award: outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy series ("Desperate Housewives")* 2005 - display Actors Guild Award: impressive Performance by one Ensemble in a Comedy collection ("Desperate Housewives")* 1995 - Drama-Logue compensation for exceptional Ensemble in "Raised in Captivity" playing the duty of Kip Dixon at the South coastline Repertory in Costa Mesa, CA* 1994 - Drama-Logue award for exceptional Performance in "Angels in America" playing the duty of Joseph Porter Pitt in ~ the American Conservatory Theatre in mountain Francisco, CA
Education:* graduated from an initial Colonial High college in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in 1974.* Graduated with B.F.A in English literature from The university of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1978.* as a component of one exchange routine Steven invested his junior year abroad and also studied English literary works at the university of Exeter, Exeter, England.* received an M.F.A. Degree in theatre Arts & acting from Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts, in 1981.On the advice that his professor he participated in his small year in a student exchange routine that took him to the college of Exeter in Exeter, England. While gift in London, Steven came to be acquainted with a team of student actors. Quickly he occurred an interest in theater, and after his return to the joined States, Steven i graduated from The college of William and also Mary and also entered Brandeis University.- At very first Colonial High institution in Virginia Beach, Virginia, he to be voted "Most Talented".

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Younger Steven Culp
Photos added May 17, 2011, (c) The university of William and Mary digital yearbooks
If over there is there anything you want to recognize or you desire me to add, just let me know.