Tony Romo has had a less than stellar dating history, including a romance with singer Jessica Simpson, that he notoriously dumped the night prior to her 29th birthday, according to People. Yet the previous Dallas Cowboys quarterback scored a touchdown in the love department once he met beauty beauty pageant queen Candice Crawford. Yes, Crawford, as in Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford"s younger sister. While Romo provided Simpson the old heave-ho together a pre-birthday gift, that did the finish opposite with Crawford on her 24th date of birth on Dec. 16, 2010, how amazing her with a 4-carat diamond engagement ring, Us Weekly reports. She said yes, obvi!

The pair tied the node in 2011, and together of this writing, they have actually three sons: Hawkins, Rivers, and also Jones. Though Crawford"s job of gift the wife of an energetic football player pertained to a close once her husband retirement from the league in 2017 ~ 14 seasons, she"s remaining as liven away indigenous the field. If she"s not "sword fighting" with her tiny ones, she"s flexing she entrepreneurial prowess, acting as her hubby"s "spiritual mentor," or reflecting off her impressive golf swing. 

Here"s the untold reality of Tony Romo"s wife. 

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Candice Crawford reportedly attended high college at Trinity Christian Academy in Addison, Texas, and also then enrolled in ~ the university of Missouri to study business and journalism. Together a university student, she functioned at the "local NBC affiliate KOMU-TV together a reporter," follow to People. She ultimately became affiliated in the sports human being through "the Dallas CBS affiliate KTVT together a reporter extending the Cowboys top top the station"s present The Blitz." and also that"s whereby she would fulfill her future husband, yet we"ll obtain to that segment of she life in a bit.

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The Pi Beta Phi sorority sister certainly kept busy throughout she college years. Between going to class and also her internships, she additionally reportedly discovered time to squeeze in some occupational as a volunteer writer for the sporting activities blog, Midwest sporting activities Fans. 

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Long before she came to be a WAG (the acronym because that wife and girlfriend in the sport"s world), Candice Crawford was supposedly a teenage beauty beauty pageant contestant. According to Heavy, the Lubbock, Texas native competed for miss Texas teenager USA in 2003 and 2005, however she reportedly found an ext success external the Lone Star State. Together a college college student at the university of Missouri, she snagged the title of miss Missouri in 2008. All hail the queen!

In she pageant interview footage, Crawford gushes while talking about her "passion" — sports. "I played sporting activities my entire life — basketball, overcome country, golf, and track. And, ns refuse to not have actually sports in my life" she states in the clip. After snagging the miss Missouri crown, Crawford advanced to the miss USA pageant in 2008. She finished in the peak ten, losing out to — friend guessed it — a Texan named Crystle Stewart.

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When Candice Crawford interned because that the Dallas Cowboys, she left with way more than part on-the-job experience. Follow to a 2010 KTCK interview transcript detailed by Sports Radio Interviews (via Deadspin), Crawford stated she was "doing off-season present The Blitz" one summer, and also that was whereby she come in contact with plenty of of the team"s players, consisting of its quarterback, Tony Romo. 

Crawford mentioned she was "underage" once they met, however two years after that summer gig, the stars aligned because that these two sports enthusiasts. Crawford said she had ended a relationship and also Romo had broken up with his girlfriend, leaving lock both cost-free to get to recognize one one more in a brand-new way. "And i got earlier to Dallas to do Special Edition. The Cowboys transfer department who I am really close through were like, "Hey , us hired her intern girlfriend again,"" Crawford recalled. "We ended up walk out and also have to be going come dinner ever since."

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To conference up all the juicy details about the start of Candice Crawford and also Tony Romo"s relationship, we need look no more than she older brother, actor Chace Crawford. He was much more than ready to pour out the beans about the early stages of his sister"s romance during a 2016 interview through The well-off Eisen Show. Chace declared Candice was caught "off guard" as soon as she realized Romo would be picking her up from house for their an initial outing, i beg your pardon he described as a "movie/dinner date, where you"re eat at the theatre."

Candice tho lived v her parents at the time, and also they simply so occurred to it is in "massive Cowboys fans," Chace said. " didn"t want them in the house. And also they said, "We"re already here. What execute you want united state to do?"" Candice had an easy solution. Instead of risking she parents blowing her very first date v the soccer great, she said them come "hide in the back," Chace said. "So she pushes mine parents back in the back. I thought that was really funny."

Who knew Chace to be a real-life Gossip Girl? thanks for the tea, bro.

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After virtually two years of dating, Candice Crawford and also Tony Romo acquired married at Dallas" historic Arlington Hall, reported People. Their might 2011 nuptials took ar in prior of 600 guests, consisting of quite a couple of current and retired football players, indigenous Dallas Cowboys room of Famer troy Aikman to Romo"s great friend and then-teammate Dez Bryant. Even the Cowboys" team"s owner, Jerry Jones, was in attendance. "It to be perfect!" a resource told People. "From the awareness in beautiful white, come a vibrant after-party and great music selected by Tony himself." The dance floor to be "packed" all night, so Romo"s playlist to be obviously a hit!

To refuel after every one of that prey shaking, the couple"s wedding planner, Todd Fiscus, called WFAA-TV (via Us Weekly) that guests to be treated come a Texas-size offering of food, i m sorry included short ribs and a pizza bar. As for the wedding cake, a resource said it was "almost together tall together the ceiling." 

And as with that, we"re starving. Call us more about this pizza bar.

Candice Crawford watched helplessly from the sidelines together her husband was plagued by multiple sports-related injuries, including a compression fracture in 2016 that resulted in him to miss out on nine games throughout the season, according to Sports Day. Looking ago on Tony Romo"s soccer career, Crawford called Cupid"s Pulse: "Being in the NFL is kind of like being top top a reality present every week. You"re living and also dying by these wins and losses, and also then, that course, injuries come into play and also you"re emphasize every game."

Crawford claimed living through the constant worry that her husband would "get hurt throughout a game and how the injury would affect his life in ~ home" to be very stressful. When Romo ultimately hung increase his football cleats, she admitted, "There to be this underlying weight that i didn"t also know to be there that was totally lifted."

Though she knew she would miss out on "being a part of the NFL family," other tells us she"s perfect content with Romo"s succeeding gig as a CBS sports analyst. Girlfriend know, wherein he deserve to sit yards away from the action, tucked away in the transfer booth every safe and sound.

It was supposedly Tony Romo"s faith in God the initially caught Candice Crawford"s attention. "Something the was always most crucial to me was finding someone that had the very same beliefs and faith together I did," she told Ok! magazine in 2011. "As soon as we had talked about that and also shared those types of feelings of ours faith, i think that was when it was a definite deal maker."

Romo"s Christian confidence has made many headlines end the years. He"s a large supporter that the "Miracle the the Millions" faith-based charity, announcing a $1 million donation in 2012. According to Fox Sports, the organization was started by Dr. Tony Evans, minister of the Oak Cliff bible Fellowship and the guy who co-officiated Romo"s wedding. In 2016, he talked around football injuries and God through a high school scriptures study group of about 300 people. 

"I"m lucky to love something bigger 보다 myself, obviously, in the Lord," Romo told NBC DFW in 2016. "That"s one easy way for me to get through all the turbulent patches the go ~ above in life." Crawford is plainly on the same page. "Without faith and the expect of something after this life, that it would be a lot more tough to obtain through the season."

Less 보다 a year after gaining married, Candice Crawford and Tony Romo invited their first child, a boy called Hawkins Romo. Less than 2 years later, in march 2014, Crawford provided birth come their second son, Rivers Romo. A 3rd bouncing baby boy named Jones Romo joined their team in 2017. In a tweet announcing Jones" birth, Tony said, in part, "Almost have my basketball team built." 

Perhaps this brood will continue to grow, but for now, Crawford has actually her hands full juggling motherhood and also her very own business. She introduced Hawk + Sloane, a line of essential oil sprays, v her center school friend and also golf friend Hollie Siglin. The company began when Crawford and Siglin "had the exact same due day for their very first sons," according to its website. The entrepreneurs offered the surname of your unborn boys together the surname of the business, and also they"re absolutely taking target at fellow moms and dads with tiny ones. One spray claims it can aid discipline a "sassy" child; another is designed to lull a baby into lala land, and there"s even a spray that attempts to mask the smell of stinky diapers. Pee-yew!

With his football job in his rearview mirror, Tony Romo attempted come qualify for the U.S. Open golf tournament in April 2018. Alas, he come up brief after that "chunked a flop shot into the former pond, causing a twin bogey," follow to

Come to uncover out, Romo"s wife, Candice Crawford, could have a far better chance in ~ going pro. She"s been golfing because that years and showed golf enthusiasm what she to be working with in 2015, as soon as she showed up on a segment of Help Me Peter Kostis. The golf analyst was quite impressed through her kills, stating that she had a "wonderful-looking golf swing" yet advising her to occupational on her "leg action." also the couple"s eldest son, Hawkins Romo, had actually his waver critiqued for the show. In fact, Kostis labeled the small tot (who to be 3 year old at the time) the golf champ in the Romo family, through Crawford coming in second, and also Romo finishing last. Whomp whomp.

Aside native his previously mentioned relationship v Jessica Simpson, i beg your pardon lasted from 2007 till July 2009, Tony Romo additionally had a brief romance with country singer Carrie Underwood in 2007. And also guess that else to be Underwood"s boo for a minute in time back in 2008? Candice Crawford"s brother, Chace Crawford. Awkward!

According to People, Chace was the one who finished things v the "Before he Cheats" star "He was upset, however he additionally had to do the decision that it wasn"t expected to be anymore," a source told the magazine. Insiders additionally claimed Underwood wasn"t all the broken-hearted, alleging she to be still close to Romo, regardless of his romance v Simpson. Rumor recap: Romo dated Underwood before she moved on through Chace, yet she couldn"t provide the Gossip Girl star 100 percent due to the fact that she to be still hung up on Romo. Oy vey.

After her relationship with the former athlete to be officially kaput, Underwood was asked through Esquire if she created her track "Cowboy Casanova" for Romo, since he was the first-string quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys at that time. "No.

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i would never immortalize a man that did me wrong," the Grammy-winner said. "I would certainly never give him that lot credit." Oh, snap.