Why is it that continent crust is less dense than oceanic, wherein in reality continental tardy is thicker 보다 oceanic crust?

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Oceanic late largely is composed of iron and magnesium (very dense metals) whereas continental crust is made up of silicon and aluminum (not very dense elements). Imagine you role a sphere of aluminum foil, and compare the load of a slim sheet the iron. The iron will certainly feel much much heavier than that substantial ball that aluminum due to the fact that it is therefore much an ext dense!


Hi! continental crust is much less dense since of the composition. Continental crust is consisted of of felsic product (SiO4)-- greatly granite. The density of continent crust is 2.9 g/cm^3. Oceanic crust, if thinner, is do of mafic products (Fe, Mg)-- mainly basalt. The thickness of oceanic crust is 3.0g/cm^3.

The quantity of material has actually nothing to perform with it"s density, because density is a "per volume" measurement-- the materials that consist of the different varieties of tardy have everything to carry out with their corresponding densities.

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