Here we evaluation Monster Rehab energy Drink a non-carbonated, less sugar beverage marketed together a sporting activities recovery and/or hangover aid.

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Monster has included 4 brand-new flavors to the Rehab family members as well, eco-friendly Tea, Orangeade, Pink Lemonade and Rojo Tea. Rehab do the efforts be way less boring with three seasonings to select from.

UPDATE: Some spices have adjusted since this review.


Monster Rehab is an iced tea non-carbonated power drink indigenous Monster Beverages. It is a mix of brewed tea, a…
As I opened up the Rehab can, I acquired the very refreshing scent of lemons, very close to the of RS Recovery. The taste was so refreshing. Very first there’s no carbonation, which do the drink an extremely smooth and virtually too straightforward to drink.As Monster Rehab crashed end my taste buds, I obtained a exorbitant lemonade taste.Yet whereby was the tea taste? after a rush of lemonade, I started to gain a small hint that the tea in the direction of the end, not very strong, almost a afterthought, yet sufficient to be present and refreshing. Not fairly 50/50 lemonade tea, more of a lemonade through a hint of tea, however still an extremely good.
Green Tea:
I have to say i was rather disappointed when I read the flavor was environment-friendly tea. I’ve never been lot for the eco-friendly tea spices on the market, however I provided it a try. Psychic all the stuff about green tea? litter it the end the window.This Rehab, prefer the initial is very smooth through no carbonation. As I did gain a little of tea flavor, it no too much “green tea” flavor. No note of bitterness or gift to sweet. The taste was just an extremely refreshing and also just right.
I myself to be a big fan that the orange flavor, so gaining my hand on this Monster has much more than exciting. Popping the orange Monster tab ~ above the optimal of the can produced a sweet orange aroma, only peaking mine interest even more.Yet that very first taste wasn’t rather what i expected. Together it’s very smooth through no carbonation prefer all Rehabs, their was just a slim orange flavor, then followed by a pineapple taste. By no means am i complaining, I simply wasn’t expecting the pineapple.The orange to pineapple flavor to be a very great transition. Ns did not get any kind of taste the the tea flavor that the exterior of the can says that includes, however with the an extremely pleasant Orange/Pineapple taste it to be by no way missed.
Rojo Tea:
Not learning what rolling was, ns honestly have the right to say i didn’t understand what to expect. As I popped the top and took that first taste, i couldn’t yes, really pinpoint the taste. This Rehab appears a bit sweeter climate the others, but not too many sweet.The flavor originates from a blend of Rooibos tea, which is used to do different types of organic teas and is praised due to its high level of antioxidants. Include a splash of cranberry juice, and also you have a taste unlike any kind of other drink on the market. An additional hit for Monster…

Monster Rehab energy Ingredients

As for ingredients, Rehab is much different then any kind of other energy on the market, so salary close attention.

The an initial new point I found is what Monster calls your “Rehab energy Blend” i m sorry is consisted of of caffeine, milk thistle, glucose, black tea extract, L-carnitine, acai extract, focused coconut water, quercetin, guarana, inositol, glucuronolactone, goji berry extract, and mangosteen extract.

Yet, Rehab tho is an power drink, so the still has the normal suspects taurine and also ginseng in addition to a little bit of Vitamin B for safe measure.

Update: Monster energy lists Monster Rehabs has 161mg of caffeine per 15.5oz can. Green Tea is noted as 155mg every can.


After drinking the whole can rather easily, it no to long before I began feeling a tiny Monster Rehab power Drink rush running through my veins. Over there isn’t much sugar in the deserve to (6 grams) so i didn’t get jittery, but had a solid feeling of alertness the lasted a bit over 3 hours with no authorize of a crash. However, i didn’t drink rehab because that it’s intended function which is to help with a hangover.

Monster Rehab Verdict

After wait so lengthy for this power drink, I thought the just thing it can do would certainly disappoint, however I was wrong. Ns truly think Monster fight a house run v Rehab. I wasn’t certain I might love anything prefer RS Recovery, yet v the note of tea, I believe Monster Rehab simply upped the game. Also for every you drinkers that wake up v a hangover, offer Monster Rehab power Drink a try. It should do marvels for the headache and also get you earlier on your feet quickly.

You deserve to purchase Rehab in bulk by click here.

Reviewed through Brandon TroutenImage Credit: EDJunkie

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