The Belgian actor"s comment were prompted by one argument about marriage equality and also questions about his vault statements top top "traditional" marriage.

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Belgian actor Jean-Claude valve Damme likened homosexuality to bestiality in an discussion with French Minister of sex Equality Marlene Schiappa about gender and also marriage equality Saturday top top the French late-night show On n’est pas Couché.

The argument around marriage equality was motivated by Schiappa’s questions concerning Van Damme’s earlier remarks about gender roles and also marriage. Van Damme, who had said that was raised with “traditional values,” stated he believes it is the man’s obligation to “feed his family.”

“There are women who choose to work, choose you, and who deserve to do both things, take treatment of children and also work,” valve Damme said, according to Paris Match. “There are women who choose to stay at home; they want to remain at home, they prefer children. If every women room working, what space they doing in ~ home?"

This prompted Schiappa to ask how, follow to his expertise of marriage dynamics, same-sex couples would divide your responsibilities.

Van Damme likened same-sex marital relationship to the coupling the dogs, saying, “Women marry each other. Men marry each other. Dogs marry every other. Everyone marries everyone, and also everyone divorces!”

Belgium legalized same-sex marriage in 2003, coming to be the 2nd country in the human being to perform so, after ~ the Netherlands. France, the 13th nation in the human being to develop marriage equality, did for this reason in 2013. Belgium and France are amongst the 10 many LGBT-friendly europe countries, according to Rainbow Europe.

“Zoosexual activity” has been illegal in Belgium due to the fact that 2007, and in France because 2004.

Schiappa said that the critical time someone -- a politician indigenous the far-right party nationwide Front -- make a comparison between homosexuality and zoophilia in France, they were convicted under anti-hate speech laws.

Van Damme said he had gay friends, yet questioned the legitimacy that same-sex marriages.

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“But the real concern is if all the guys marry every other, and all the females marry every other, just how are us going to have actually any an ext children?” he said.

Van Damme, who won his fame v acting and also martial arts, has actually been referenced on Sense8, a Netflix series known because that its plethora the LGBT characters and also its reversal of classic gender dynamics. One of the personalities drives a bus called "Van Damn" and also sometimes go by the alias "Van Damme."