Tobacco’s the end – at least as much as the ideal rolling files for weed room concerned. This no a revelation or anything; the popular of including RYO tobacco into rolling records dimmed out swiftly over the last couple of years. These days, even blunt rolling files that contain tobacco are being scrutinized. Most of this needs to do v a basic increase in health and wellness consciousness and also consumers farming increasingly interested in marijuana’s medical benefits. It just makes sense that they’d be seeking the healthiest rolling record alternatives available. 

But whether you’re smoking cannabis for medical or entertain reasons, it definitely pays to look for out optimal rolling files made through health-conscious components. Even if you’re just trying to reap a stunner night with friends and also the comedy ar of her streaming service, why not save it clean v a healthy and balanced rolling record substitute? There room so many unrefined, unbleached, organic, non-GMO, ethically sourced, environmentally-friendly joint document substitutes out there that are genuinely affordable and make for cleaner, smoother, less guilt-inducing acting sessions. With hemp and also rice documents regularly topping significant lists of the best rolling files for joints, the seems prefer the perfect time to talk about our favorite organic rolling file and wrap picks (in no details order). However get all set for a few surprises together you go with this list of the ideal joint documents for health-conscious smokers since there room some an extremely unique and also enticing options. Once you’ve gone with this comprehensive docket the the healthiest joint paper brands and also their very best bulk rolling papers, you’ll never need to search because that “rolling documents near me” ever again – you will do it know precisely what friend want and also where to obtain it.

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Pretty lot anytime we talk about rolling papers, we need to talk about RAW papers. Castle so renowned that they’re easily accessible in pretty lot every smoke shop. For any kind of old-school video clip game enthusiasts, you have the right to sort of take into consideration RAW rolling papers the Mario of at sight Mario Bros. 2 (not as solid as Toad, can not float like the Princess, can’t run super high prefer Luigi – just the finest all-around). These organic rolling records are right out the Alcoy, Spain whereby they’re created without any bleaches or various other potentially harmful additives. Raw Black records are some of the finest and also best joint documents made through the legendary and also beloved company. When RAW standard unrefined documents are absolutely few of the peak rolling papers on the market, the diluent RAW Black standard papers are considered to it is in artisan rolling equipment for connoisseurs. This weed rolling file is explained on the official RAW website as being “created for a brand-new generation as the next level the top-shelf cigarette smoking materials. It’s choose a Ferrari, it just runs top top premium gas!” RAW black King size and also 1 ¼ rollings files are several of the highest quality available.

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Elements Rice Rolling records - King dimension



Elements Ultra slim Rice documents King dimension are a sublime example of healthy, shareable, untainted rolling documents that space beloved by the entire cannabis community. While many of our favourite health-conscious rolling record alternatives are hemp-based, over there are other healthy options out there. It is where aspects papers yes, really shine. Aspects are rice-based rolling documents that seal with all-natural Acacia gum because that a clean burn v minimal ash and virtually no odor – they’re few of the healthiest rolling papers in the game. However, elements rice document is for this reason thin the it can be complicated for inexperienced rollers. However if you’re as much as the challenge and you’re trying to find a healthy paper to share amongst friends, elements rice rolling files are a premium joint file option.

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Zig Zag essential Hemp papers


Zig Zag is one of the oldest rolling file brands in the civilization (est. 1879) that has actually spent the previous 140 years improving its original design. Castle now have several rolling paper varieties, however it’s their premium essential Hemp papers that earned them a ar on this list. These remarkable Organic Zig Zag files are hands down few of the healthiest and best rolling records for weed. The Zig Zag hemp documents are made from vegan, non-GMO, 100% necessary hemp fibers and also feature all-natural gum Arabic sealing lines. They’re fully unbleached, ultra-thin, and burn slowly and also evenly. They’re sometimes referred to as “green Zig Zag papers” since of the green packaging the alludes to your organic, herbal qualities. These Zig Zag organic Hemp King Slim papers are the largest version of your rolling file sizes and are best for sharing among your health-conscious smoke circle. Zig Zag King dimension is 108mm lengthy – it is 24mm much longer than a standard 1 ¼!

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OCB Bamboo Slim Rolling papers

OCB, which stands for Odet Cascedec Bolloré, is a French rolling file company that started in the 1800s and also was totally established in the early on 1900s. In various other words, they’ve been practicing make the ideal joint papers and also tobacco rolling document for over a century. Yes, that’s right, countless of the finest rolling paper brands started out as RYO cigarette file brands, however have since an unified with the three community. These tremendous Bamboo OCB Slim documents are several of the finest rolling records for the smoker that considers the atmosphere just as much as their own body. OCB rolling papers are presented in recycled packaging emblazoned with vegetable-based inks that are totally sustainable. The OCB Slim Bamboo files make the perfect rolling record substitute for those interested in something healthy that’s a bit off the to win path. While most of our healthy rolling records on this list space hemp rolling files or also rice, these bamboo ones room unique, clean, very slow-burning, and won’t taint your cigarette smoking experience. 

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Juicy Jay Blueberry documents

Juicy Jay papers are thought about to it is in the healthiest way to acting weed v flavor infused, despite there space other healthy flavored rolling files out there. That being said, though, Juicy rolling documents are without a doubt the most flavorful and also fun rolling documents in the industry. Juicy Jay Blueberry flavored rolling records are bursting v the fresh and also juicy taste that ripe Maine blueberries and are the perfect joint wrap because that a warm summer day once you require a refreshing puff session. The mystery to every one of that wealthy flavor? Juicy J rolling papers are triple-dipped in soy-based flavoring the covers every inch of every individual wrap. While other “flavored” records often only have actually a flavored gum line, Juicy Jay 1 ¼ files stand out as brilliantly flavored peak rolling papers. Funny fact: they were developed by the same brilliant mind behind RAW’s unstable rolling papers, josh Kesselman. 

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Vibes Hemp Rolling papers

Vibes files were developed in collaboration with rapper and also cannabis connoisseur/entrepreneur, Berner, and are several of the simplest and best rolling files for joints. This Berner Vibes documents are do from organic hemp record and are several of the slowest burning documents on the market, resulting in lengthier, headier acting sessions. Berner Vibes Hemp papers come in simplistic, bright red packaging that catches the eye, yet it’s the health-conscious components (and the association through such a lover celebrity) that keeps client scooping increase the Vibes brand.

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RAW Organic documents

There are countless RAW rolling record varieties the end there yet RAW’s essential rolling papers are quickly ending up being an overwhelming pan favorite for your health-conscious components. That being said, though, all of the life joint files are substantially healthier than few of the bleached and also treated brands the end there. Organic raw hemp papers are may be the healthiest means to smoke weed if you’re picking to spark up part flower. I have met a many folks in and out the the medical community that wouldn’t hesitate to call RAW the best and healthiest roll papers because they’re light, airy, and you can taste the purity. And outside the the medical community but inside that the three one, you will do be hard-pressed to discover a toker that doesn’t at the very least agree that RAW’s are few of the an extremely best this RAW 1 ¼ papers, the most classic joint paper size, are made indigenous a blend of essential hemp and also have a natural tree sap gum line, result in little to no smell interference in ~ all.

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Bob Marley Rolling files

Bob Marley Pure Hemp rolling papers are not only a challenger for the “healthiest method to acting weed” prize, they additionally pay homage to among the cannabis community’s favourite musicians. Bob Marley is believed of as a pioneer of reggae music and also the hemp documents named after that are few of the finest joint papers on the market. Out of every the hemp rolling document brands, yes no doubt the Bob Marley papers come in some of the sweet packaging ever; each packet has a distinct quote indigenous the well known musician the reminds us every one of his jovial, loving, relaxed nature and also encourages us to live the very same way. Bob Marley Pure Hemp Rolling papers are do from organic hemp and also feature all-natural gum lines because that premium healthy smoking experiences. If girlfriend haven’t tried Bob Marley rolling files yet, us honestly can not recommend lock enough. Bob Marley records are a good time from begin to finish, both for the vibes of her smoke session and also for her lungs.

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Juicy J Watermelon papers

Juicy J’s Watermelon flavor is the very first flavor believed up by Kesselman just over 2 decades back and proceeds to be one of their most renowned flavored joint papers to this day. Castle sweet, juicy, and delicious, plus castle feature small watermarks of watermelons throughout each individual paper. Actually, all Juicy J papers feature watermarks that enhance their flavors, which we think is simply the cutest thing about the best flavored rolling files ever.

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Unbleached Zig Zag Rolling papers

Zig Zag’s Unbleached rolling papers are made from a mix of herbal fibers, including hemp and flax, and also are finished v a organic gum Arabic sealing line just like every one of their various other papers. On optimal of being healthier rolling record alternatives, Zig Zag 1 ¼ and King dimension slim rolling files are likewise dubbed “ultra-thin,” but due to the fact that of your awesome mix of components, they often tend to organize up even for newly practicing rollers. Zig Zag also launched an environment-friendly initiative called “Burn One / tree One” wherein they emphasis on planting tree in negatively influenced regions (California wildfire sites, for starters) in exchange for sales. For every one of the tree they rely on to do their papers, they work to include even more back into nature. No issue if you choose these Unbleached records or other Zig Zag joint paper substitutes, you contributing come an eco-conscious company.

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RAW King size Slim Rolling papers

RAW King size documents are beloved for numerous of the same reasons that every RAW files wholesale room beloved: castle clean, unrefined, high-quality, hemp rolling papers. The main difference in between the raw King dimension papers and also the standard 1 ¼s is the length, width, and also thickness. The King dimension ones room actually raw slim papers, AKA castle a little less vast than other top roll papers, and they’re 110mm lengthy (a standard 1 ¼ is 84mm). They’re additionally considered to it is in RAW ultra thin records as they’re considerably thinner than the classic ones, definition they’re meant much more for knowledgeable rollers 보다 novices. But you can also get a many of variety from RAW, native the ultra-thin, double-pressed RAW black artisan documents to the raw Masterpiece and Artesano currently (which come gift in eco craft packaging v Japanese thermography)! yes sir a healthy and balanced smoking rolling paper for everyone!

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Elements standard 1 ¼ Rice Rolling papers

Elements Ultra slim Rice files are the premier rice rolling papers in the industry and also are considered one the the healthiest species of rolling papers. Lock burn v basically no ash or flavor, permitting for the full enjoyment of her favorite strain’s terpenes. Aspects rolling records are accessible in a variety of various pack sizes, but the 25 fill retail display option is most likely the most popular at smoke shops. However, the elements rolling records 300 load is a good wholesale alternative that deserve to save business owners both time and money. The a bit of a novelty, but some packs of elements boast exceptionally fix up packaging because that rolling papers. While a simple Elements load is nice standard, some packaging contains tips and a magnetic closure to defend your aspects papers indigenous the…uh…elements. This have the right to really come in handy since the rice rolling file substitute is at risk to curling when exposed to humidity. Warping like this won’t destroy the paper, but if they’re repeatedly exposed to moisture they will certainly still pole together and become unusable. 

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OCB Hemp papers

If you’re looking for high-functioning and also healthy, hemp document makes some of the best rolling documents for weed, hands down. That’s due to the fact that hemp, choose marijuana, is also cannabis, so as soon as you role up through organic hemp documents such together these from OCB, your entire joint is consisted of of premium cannabis goodness. The OCB rolling documents themselves are fully hemp-based and the company’s organic line really goes the extra street to preserve purity. These files are made from non-GMO hemp get an impression on the French company’s necessary farms. The result is vegetarian-friendly, unbleached, thin, necessary hemp records with a smooth, sluggish burn. All-natural gum Arabic sealants include a finishing touch to these premium, healthy, environmentally-friendly, organic, top rolling papers. You have the right to view their whole line of the ideal rolling files for joints here.

Explore organic Hemp OCB Papers


Ultra thin Vibes Papers

Ultra thin Vibes papers are the perfect marijuana rolling documents for connoisseurs, particularly considering that the Vibes brand was produced in participation with famed connoisseur and rapper, Berner. The entire Vibes brand collection is comprised of some of the world’s optimal rolling papers, however if she going come buy Vibes documents of any type of kind, we very recommend these ultra thin, unbleached, natural fiber people – they’re merely some the the really best rolling files around. 

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Juicy Jay Pineapple Rolling records

The just thing better than biting right into freshly cut pineapple is puffing ~ above Juicy Jay Pineapple papers. This awesome hemp rolling papers will repeat you the a lazy afternoon top top a tropical island, particularly if you pack a super relaxing stress, overload inside. If you’ve been searching for tangy, tropical, and also tantalizing, Juicy J’s pineapple flavored rolling documents are certain the method to go.

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Shine 24k yellow Rolling records

You may be surprised to view 24 karat yellow rolling records on this perform of “the finest rolling records for weed because that the health-conscious smoker,” however Shine 24k gold rolling records were especially made with health (and affordability) in mind. Very first things first: Shine documents are undeniably gorgeous and also alluring. The brilliant yellow rolling records are the standard 1 ¼ dimension ( ~ 84mm long) and come in a fill of two so you have the right to share the wealth v your whole smoke circle. Yet don’t let words wealth throw you off – despite they certainly look luxurious, the price of this 24 karat yellow rolling files is within everyone’s reach, even if no for their day-to-day smoke sessions. Due to the fact that they’re therefore special and also come in ~ a slightly greater price allude than classic hemp papers, light rolling records are frequently bought because that parties, as gifts, and also for other special occasions. 

Now on come the healthy elements that do Shine’s gold joint files worthy of gift on this perform of the finest joint document alternatives. The 24k yellow rolling records wholesale are made through food-grade edible yellow – AKA the same stuff used to make shiny yellow wedding cake frosting or come infuse sophisticated liquors v gold flakes. Come ensure the yellow rolling files would be safe to smoke, the creators dove into scientific research study on inhaling edible gold which proved it no harmful in any kind of way, at least no more than the various other “healthiest rolling papers” on this list. It’s vital to remember the while the finest rolling files for weed on this list space absolutely healthy than numerous other rolling file alternatives (bleached paper, tobacco, etc.), our lungs are meant to inhale oxygen, for this reason inhaling anything rather will always have some impact (coughing former the smoke, for instance). 

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High Hemp: The Titans that Taste

A Note around Vegan Hemp Wraps

After the long discussion on the ideal joint papers, let’s dive right into a conversation on the ideal blunt roll papers, additionally known as “wraps.” We wanted to be certain to incorporate a few healthy dull wrap alternatives since we know some world prefer blunts come joints, and also we want you all to be healthy! You’re perhaps asking yourself, “Aren’t every hemp wraps vegan?” We’ve been asked this concern over and also over because the publication of this blog post. That an understandable point of confusion for also the most devout aficionados of blunt papers. Merely put, if the wraps you’re utilizing aren’t clearly labeled as vegan, then they’re not vegan. The consist of of tobacco turns many conscientious vegans off to smoking blunts due to the fact that tobacco companies frequently engage in animal testing. However, because states prefer California and Massachusetts prohibition flavored tobacco products in current years, vegan dull rolling papers have checked out a rise in popularity. Number of brands that cigarillo wraps also fail the vegan test with the use of glues produced using animal collagen. Many suppliers that blunt file produce vegan dull wraps utilizing hemp in addition to the more traditional cigarillo wraps that the past, despite High Hemp is just one of the brands most closely connected with the vegan lifestyle.

One of the built-in perks of selecting all-natural hemp roll papers and wraps is the untainted flavor. Friend don’t require a refined palette to identify that chemicals and contaminants taste pretty nasty. High Hemp offers some the the best wraps for impressive taste by only using 100% organic hemp, which cut out additives that pollute the flavors of her smoke session, no to mention your body. If she in the mood for something a little exotic, High Hemp makes blunt wraps in a variety of all-natural flavors that beautiful compliment the taste of your herb. But if she a purist who wants the convenience and also “old college cool” feeling of a blunt without compromising the distinctive flavor file of your flower, High Hemp additionally provides plenty of flavorless options. The wraps are also 100% vegan with a low ecological impact.

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King Palm: The Purity the the Rainforest

You’d it is in hard-pressed to uncover a dull wrap brand much more natural 보다 King Palm. King Palm blunt wraps are made from actual palm leaves that to be hand-picked in a Singapore rainforest – they’re cost-free of artificial pesticides and additives. They clean the leaves with purified water, bring about a clean, all-natural different to timeless rolling papers and also blunt wraps. Together if lock couldn’t gain any an ext natural, King Palms room reinforced v corn husk crutches. Castle pre-rolled, too, which help those the us v less-than-stellar dull rolling skills. V their slow-moving burn and rich flavor, King Palms are absolutely precious trying a toke through.