I saw a recipe because that a Summer Salad that claimed to sprinkle life corn on top for a "crunch" result - I"ve never consumed raw corn and also was wonder if it was safe. I"m guessing tough to digest in ~ the least....

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Unless you have actually an allergy come corn, raw corn is safe to eat; it can pass v you through vigor (especially if friend don"t chew the thoroughly before swallowing it), yet it won"t pains you.


I prefer tucking into a cob as soon as I pick mine the end of the garden. There is nothing far better than a cob of silvequeen because that a irradiate snack once you space out in the garden picking veggies.


Yes! girlfriend can also eat feed corn (ie. The stuff grown to feed cattle), that is just an ext starchy than the "sweet" corn we human beings seem come prefer.


If your area has an concern with wild pigs or a large number the deer wandering through croplands and gardens, uncooked vegetables might be unsafe. Otherwise, it need to be fine, and also depending on the range of sweet corn, downright delicious.

Corn is typically processed by soaking it in alkali-water, a procedure called Nixtamalization

The well-known benefits of this procedure are boosted nutritional value and drastic reduction of mycotoxins if these are present.

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I personally would discourage eat raw corn simply to be safe. However there are right now no other known determinants than the ones pointed out above.

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i bought ko fish ~ above Sunday afternoon and also cooked the Tuesday night.... It to be a tiny chewy, was that because it was bad?
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