Recently, a Men’s Health editor noticed that an ext than one guy at the gym had actually shaved legs. I m sorry made united state wonder: Is this a trend? Are guys everywhere beginning to do this now?

Obviously bikers and swimmers execute it for very details reasons: wound-healing and also aerodynamics, respectively. Yet we want quantifiable outcomes on whether mean guys might be clean up under there.

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So we surveyed our on facebook followers, asking them if they shaved their legs.

The results surprised us.


Men"s Health

The bulk of guys are not completely shaving your legs, but more than 33 percent admitted that “I don’t cut clean, yet I perform use a trimmer to cut it down.” and 15 percent are shaving completely. So that adds as much as nearly half of the men we surveyed act something around their leg hair.

And what execute the women think that the idea?

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Our friends at Women’s Health asked their on facebook followers, “What do you think about guys shaving your legs?” The results:

men"s health

Nearly 30 percent the women favor “a man who trims leg hair down,” and also 22 percent “love a male with clean shaven legs.” That way more thanhalfof the females responding like it when a male does a small legscaping.

If you"re no shaving her legs currently, or at the very least trimming, you could be surprised to recognize that you"re simply barely in the majority, follow to our poll. For this reason in the occasion that you desire to experiment, here’s our overview to everything you have to know before you take a razor come unchartered territory.

Why do guys do it?

Male photo consultant Aaron Marino, based in Atlanta, explains the phenomenon choose this: “Most males are not interested in totally shaving your legs, but they will take the length and also bulk down with a groomer attachment. Simply so the foot hair isn’t crazy, bushy and long,” that said.

“It becomes sort of a hair-management situation.”

He adds: "For me, it’s purely aesthetic. When I started working out, I shaved my arms so you can see more definition. In the fitness world, it’s not as taboo for males to remove body hair.

So I retained doing it, and then began shaving my legs, too. I choose the look, and I feel prefer it’s cleaner. Hair isn’t one of those things I need.”

How carry out they get rid of it?

There space salons all throughout the country that aren’t just for ladies anymore.

In brand-new York City, you can walk right into the Dyanna human body Spa and get a complete leg wax on both the left and also the best for just $75.

Waxing lasts longer than shaving, and also it’s an ext complete. Painful, yes, but still an extremely complete.

If her pain threshold is high and also your wallet is full, this is a great way come go.

Then again, shaving her legs v an actual razor is other you can tackle at your very own convenience.

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Get a good gel cream, a disposable razor, and have at it.

To prevent deep shin slices, save the tongue parallel to the floor. In various other words, shave upward from her ankle to your thigh. Save your knees straight while you’re in ~ it, due to the fact that razors don"t quickly navigate about bony bending knees.

How will they look once I’m clean-shaven?

There are some components of her body the no matter exactly how hairless lock are, castle will never ever sparkle. Like, say, her balls. However your legs? Assuming you can complete the task without any significant cuts and also nicks, your skin have to shine once you’re done.

Body oils deserve to increase the light factor, but any type of body odor is good for locking in moisture. (We’ve obtained a few suggestions because that The ideal Moisturizers for your Skin.)

What about depilatories?

No violation to the well chemical engineers who make depilatory creams, yet the men we talked to that tried them uncovered them to it is in the least efficacious that the hair remove methods.

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The science behind these assets is a tiny mysterious, but they basically malfunction the binding in the hair so that is weakened and also can it is in wiped away. However the trouble is that the cream may work well on fine hair, but less so on outlet hair. For this reason your outcomes will it is in patchy, at best.

Plus, to it is in honest, they sting choose a mother.

And follow to the nair for guys website, you need to wait 72 hours between uses. So if you have a last-minute day you’re prepping for, yet you just depilatoried yesterday morning, by the time you get in the shower, and then bring the one, you’d need to wait until... You understand what? Forget it. Simply shave.

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If I"m acquiring some calf ink, is this a an excellent idea?

It"s no a great idea. It"s an excellent idea. Every tattoo artist us asked stated that they always appreciate a nice, ceiling canvas.

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