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Ian Eastwood Biography

Ian Eastwood is a renowned American actor, dancer, choreographer, and also director that was born and brought up in Chicago, Illinois, United states of America. The was amongst the members of the run group, Mos wanted Crew which appeared on America’s finest Dance Crew. He was also featured on run Showdown, Return that the Superstars, and also World of Dance.

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Ian Eastwood Age

Ian is 28 year old together of 2021, he to be born Ian Anthony Eastwood on April 16, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois, United states of America. He celebrates his birthday top top April 16, every year and his birth authorize is Aries.

Ian Eastwood Height

Ian stands in ~ a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters). However, details concerning his various other body measurements are right now not publicly available. Us will upgrade this section as soon as the details is available.

Ian Eastwood Weight

Ian Weighs 64 kilograms or 141 lbs in 2021. known for his captivating personality, Ian has brown eyes and his hair color is black.

Ian Eastwood Education

Ian is a highly educated and qualified person. He began dancing in ~ the period of 10 years old. He later on relocated to Hollywood after ~ graduating indigenous a neighborhood high school to go after a job in dance. His various other educational credits will be updated as soon as the information is available.

Ian Eastwood Family

Ian Eastwood Parents and Siblings

Ian is the son of Peter Eastwood (father) and Julia Eastwood (mother). That was lugged up in a beautiful house with 2 loving artist parents. The within of his childhood house looks choose an art museum. Peter and Julia had met in art School.

Ian Eastwood Girlfriend

Ian is in a romantic connection with Megan Batoon. The happy couple started date in 2014. Meagan is a choreographer, dancer, and social media phenomenon.

Ian Eastwood and also Megan Batoon Relationship

Megan Batoon is a comedic contents creator in the home room known for her YouTube channel amassing end 1.17 million subscribers. She is the hold of she biweekly podcast called Just a pointer with Megan Batoon. The happy pair began dating back in 2014.

Megan Batoon Age

Megan Batoon is 30 years old together of 2021, she to be born on march 29, 1991, in Jacksonville, Florida, united States. She celebrates she birthday on march 29, every year and also her birth sign is Aries.

Ian Eastwood net Worth

Ian has an approximated net worth of $1.5 million dollars as of 2021. This has his assets, money, and also income. His primary source of earnings is his career together an actor, dancer, choreographer, and also director. V his assorted sources that income, he has been able come accumulate a good fortune yet prefers to lead a usual lifestyle.

Ian Eastwood Measurements and Facts
American actor, dancer, choreographer, and director Eastwood Photo.

Ian Eastwood Wiki

Full Names: Ian Anthony Eastwood.Popular As: Ian Eastwood.Gender: Male.Occupation / Profession: Actor.Nationality: American.Race / Ethnicity: White.Religion: Christian.Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Ian Eastwood Birthday

Age / how Old?: 28 year Old.Zodiac Sign: Aries.Date that Birth: April 16, 1993.Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois.Birthday: April 16th.

Ian Eastwood Body Measurements

Body Measurements: Pending Update.Height / how Tall?: 5 feet 10 customs (1.78 meters).Weight: 64 kilograms or 141 lbs in 2021.Eye Color: Brown.Hair Color: Black.Shoe Size: Pending Update.

Eastwood Family and Relationship

Father (Dad): Peter Eastwood.Mother: Julia Eastwood.Siblings: Pending Update.Dating / Girlfriend: Megan Batoon.Wife/Spouse: Pending Update.Children: Pending Update.

Eastwood Networth and Salary

Net Worth: $1.5 million dollars as of 2021.Salary: Pending Update.Source of Income: Career as an Actor.Ian Eastwood Career

Ian Eastwood Dancer

Ian started his dancing job by posting his dancing videos on YouTube as soon as he was just 13. Later on, the was interacted to by civilization through MySpace who asked him to teach them. He started traveling almost everywhere the people teaching dance as soon as he to be 16.

Ian later on opened a run club named Young Lions. After ~ graduating from a local high school, he relocated come California to go after his full-time expert career together a dancer.

In 2011, Ian to be featured in an advertisement for a video game business. He ended up being a member that a dance team on ‘America’s ideal Dance Crew’ in 2012. Transparent 2012, the performed as a guest top top ABC’s ‘Dancing through the Stars (Season 15). He later contended with the Young Lions top top the channel’s show ‘World of Dance’ in 2017.

Ian has performed with countless renowned music artist in their videos including Justin Bieber, Tori Kelly, Kris Wu, Maya Angelou, Vic Mensa, Shannon, Lee Taemin, Hayley Kiyoko, and also SHINee, among others.

Ian Eastwood Tattoo

His tattoo i beg your pardon reads “ANCORA IMPARO” “is a renowned Italian quote by Michelangelo that means “Still ns learn” “ Ian. That tattoo is on his forearm. Ian’s second tattoo ~ above his hand reads “Arguing v a stupid proves there are two.”

Ian Eastwood and also Chachi

Ian and also Chachi Gonzales were the perfect dancing couple. Castle would do dance choreography together, the most famed one gift their routine for ‘Fall’. Thousands of fans tried to find out the routine, even developing slowed-down version of the video so they can follow closely.

While most civilization were avid shippers the the Ian-Chachi team, the duo parted ways. Chachi was later proclaimed to be dating Josh Leyva. They do YouTube videos together. In 2018, she was involved to her partner Jukka Hilden, she baby’s father.

Ian Eastwood and also The Young Lions

Young Lions and also Inspiration Institute were just a dream of Designer, Julia Latoria-Eastwood in 2009. Ian top a handpicked team of protégés trained in his distinct style. He has likewise been featured top top Dancing with the Stars and also America’s ideal Dance Crew.

Ian Eastwood people Of Dance

Ian to be featured top top NBC’s brand-new TV show world of Dance as Eastwood and also the Young Lions. World of Dance is a southern California-based dance, fashion, music, and also entertainment brand started by David Gonzalez, Myron Marten, Tee Sherpa, and Michael McGinn in 2008.

Ian Eastwood Choreography

Ian is one actor, dancer, choreographer, and director. He worked as both choreographer and also dancer ~ above DanceOn’s run Showdown and also MTV’s ABDC7 Return the the Superstars. That was likewise a featured dancer in Justin Bieber’s Beauty and a to win music video.

Ian Eastwood Adult lessons

In the first-ever run mixtape licensed has been granted Adult lessons, Ian bring a self-choreographed, danced, written, edited, and directed intuitive representing the journey and also growth the end of adolescence right into manhood (hosted by Datpiff). Directed, Written, Edited, Danced, Choreographed, & fancy by Eastwood (28 min runtime).

Ian Eastwood Movies

Frequently request Questions about Ian Eastwood

Who is Eastwood?

Ian is a famous American actor, dancer, choreographer, and also director that was born and also brought increase in Chicago, Illinois. He was among the members of the run group, Mos want Crew which appeared on America’s ideal Dance Crew.

How old is Eastwood?

Ian is an American national born on April 16, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois.

How high is Eastwood?

Ian stands in ~ a height of 5 feet 10 customs (1.78 meters).

Is Eastwood married?

Ian is in a romantic connection with Megan Batoon. The happy pair started date in 2014. Meagan is a choreographer, dancer, and social media phenomenon.

How much is Eastwood worth?

Ian has a network worth of $1.5 million dollars together of 2021. This amount has actually been accrued native his leading duties in the entertain industry.

Where go Eastwood live?

Ian is a resident of Chicago, IL and also Los Angeles, CAf, USA, we shall upload images of his residence as soon as we have them.

Is Eastwood dead or alive?

Ian is alive and in good health. There have been no reports of him being sick or having any kind of health-related issues.

Where is Eastwood Now?

Ian is tho an active participant in the an innovative entertainment industry. He was amongst the members of the run group, Mos want Crew which showed up on America’s ideal Dance Crew. He was additionally featured on run Showdown, Return of the Superstars, and World of Dance.

Eastwood Contacts

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