We address common order misunderstandings: Is “healthcare” one native or two? What around “apart,” “nevermind,” and “skill set”?

Most copywriters already understand the prestige of keeping accurate spelling and grammar, yet there room some words and also phrases the constantly reason even the most confident writer to trip up.

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This is often since we get confused whether we should write something together one word or two. In this feature, we take a look in ~ 50 such words or phrases the can reason confusion and explain best practices for creating them.


Is “a lot” one word or two?

“A lot” should always be order as 2 words. “Alot” is a common misspelling. For example:

Ben renders a most grammar mistakes.

It’s no to be perplexed with “allot,” a verb definition to allocate or collection aside.

Is “after school” one native or two?

Use the hyphen “after-school” if the phrase is used as one adjective, or 2 words as an adverbial phrase. For example:

Basketball cultivate is one after-school activity.

Polly plays basketball after school.

Is “anymore” one word or two?

The two-word phrase “any more” refers to quantities, if the single word “anymore” is an adverb that refers to time. For example:

Are over there any more chips?

I never eat chips anymore.

Is “anytime” one word or two?

The two-word kind “any time” is always correct, as either a amount or an adverb. The solitary word “anytime,” however, deserve to work as an adverb. Because that example:

I don’t have any type of time come relax.

You can contact me anytime.

Is “apart” one native or two?

“Apart” is an adverb denoting separation, vice versa, “a part” is a noun expression referring to a ar of a whole. Because that example:

The couple spends a lot of time apart.

The dog is a part of the family.

Is “awhile” one native or two?

“A while” is a noun expression referring to an unspecified duration of time. “Awhile” is an adverb the works choose a contracted form of the expression “for a while”. For example:

It will certainly take a while for the train to arrive.

I have been waiting awhile because that the train.

Is “backyard” one word or two?

If one adjective, usage the single word “backyard”. Together a noun, one of two people “backyard” or the two-word “back yard” is acceptable, though 2 words is typically favored. For example:

Tariq is hosting a backyard barbecue.

Tariq is hosting a barbecue in his earlier yard.

Is “cannot” one word or two?

“Cannot” is nearly always exactly in formal writing, though informally you can also use the contraction “can’t”.

The exception is the rare instance when “not” is part of a separate expression like “not only,” in which case “can not” would be correct. Because that example:

Chloe cannot bake cakes.

Nell have the right to not only bake cakes, she can bake pies, too.

Is “cell phone” one native or two?

“Cell phone” is always two words, whether as a noun or an adjective. For example:

Ed safety too much time on his cell phone.

Apple is a renowned cell phone call manufacturer.

Is “childcare” one native or two?

“Childcare” is frequently written together one word once it’s a noun, though “child care” is an agree variant. Similarly, as soon as it’s one adjective, “childcare” is the common form, though some writers use “child care” or “child-care.” for example:

The university offers excellent childcare.

The au pair has fantastic childcare experience.

Is “cyber security” one indigenous or two?

As it’s a fairly recent enhancement to the language, sources differ on even if it is “cybersecurity” is one word or two. However the connected Press mandates it as a single word, so “cybersecurity” is the best spelling to go with, even if it is it’s a noun or an adjective. Because that example:

The company takes cybersecurity seriously.

Hackers posture a serious cybersecurity risk.

Is “daycare” one word or two?

Though the single-word “daycare” is sometimes used, the two-word “day care” is the much more common spelling, and also the one endorsed by the linked Press. For example:

The hospital provides day care.

The day care facilities space impressive.

Is “each other” one word or two?

“Each other” is a pronoun expression that is always written as 2 words. “Eachother” is incorrect. Because that example:

Our dogs enjoy chasing every other.

Is “everyday” one native or two?

“Everyday” can be one indigenous if one adjective, or two words together an adverb phrase. Because that example:

Making grammar mistakes is an daily activity.

I brush my teeth every day.

Is “everytime” one native or two?

Though similar compound words such as “everywhere” and “everyone” have end up being common, “everytime” is incorrect. The two-word “every time” need to be supplied in all contexts. Because that example:

Every time us touch, i feel this static.

Jade’s team wins against Hope’s every time.

Is “follow up” one native or two?

“Follow up” is two words as a verb. As a noun or adjective, use the hyphen “follow-up.” for example:

I want to follow up on our previous conversation.

So, ns am sending this follow-up email.

Is “good morning” one word or two?

“Good morning” is a two-word greeting phrase. Composing it together one word—“goodmorning”—is never ever correct. For example: 

After waking up, Amy said an excellent morning come Rory.

Is “goodnight” one native or two?

The greeting stated to who at the finish of the day is normally written “goodnight,” despite “good night” is also sometimes used. 

“Good night” can additionally be a expression composed of one adjective and also noun to describe a particular night, in which instance it should constantly be 2 words. Because that example:

Damon claimed goodnight to Chloe prior to he saw bed.

Hannah had actually a great night with her friends.

Is “healthcare” one indigenous or two?

Though “healthcare” is the correct type in brother English, and also is becoming more common elsewhere, in the US and Canada, the two-word “health care” is still the widespread spelling, in both noun and also adjective forms. For example:

The hospital gives excellent health care.

Linda supplied to be a health treatment worker.

Is “high school” one word or two?

“High school” is constantly a two-word phrase, whether used as a noun or one adjective. The one-word “highschool” is never ever correct. Because that example:

My children are both in high school.

The old friends common high institution memories.

Is “homeschool” one indigenous or two?

Though some sources write the as 2 words, the solitary word “homeschool” is the prevalent kind and the one favored by Merriam-Webster, for both noun and verb forms. For example:

Peter’s kids are enjoying homeschool.

Peter is no enjoying having to homeschool the children.

Is “hometown” one indigenous or two?

“Hometown” is a solitary word noun in American English. Because that example:

Jodie returned to her hometown.

However, keep in mind that in british English, “home town” is correct.

Is “into” one word or two?

“Into” is a preposition provided when one topic goes within an object, or to denote transformation. For example:

Mo put the letter right into an envelope.

The frog turned into a prince.

“In” and “to” are both preposition in their very own right and sometimes appear next to each other. For example:

Neil reduce in to choose up his mail.

Here, “in” is part of the verb phrase “drop in” and also “to” is component of Neil’s objective, “to pick up his mail;” therefore, they are different words.

Is “lifecycle” one native or two?

Though the single-word “lifecycle” is periodically seen, the noun expression “life cycle” is the more prevalent form. For example:

Infancy is part of every animal’s life cycle.

Is “nevermind” one indigenous or two?

As a expression telling someone to ignore a matter, “never mind” should always be created as 2 words. 

The solitary word “nevermind” is only correct together a noun definition attention or notice, in the rarely used phrase “no nevermind.” for example:

Never psychic the coffee, ok stick to juice.

If they wake up you, pay them no nevermind.

Is “night time” one native or two?

Though the hyphenated form “night-time” is sometimes used, the single word “nighttime” is desired by dictionaries, including Merriam-Webster. For example:

Owls have the right to be heard during the nighttime.

Is “no one” one word or two?

Though similar phrases such together “nobody” and also “someone” have come to be compound words, “no one” is quiet the prevalent kind in this case. “Noone” is never ever correct, perhaps due to the fact that it looks favor it have to rhyme with “moon.” for example:

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the accident.

Is “onto” one indigenous or two?

“Onto” is a preposition definition “on top of” or “to a position on;” or it have the right to mean “to become informed about.” for example:

The cat jumped top top the bed.

The police are onto the gang.

“On to,” however, is supplied when “on” is component of a verb phrase, together as:

You need a password to log on to the website.

In this case, “on” is part of the verb phrase “log on,” therefore is a different word from “to.”

Is “rockstar” one native or two?

Most dictionaries, consisting of Merriam-Webster, agree that the noun expression “rock star” should constantly be created as 2 words. Because that example:

My favourite rock star is David Bowie.

Is “seatbelt” one indigenous or two?

There is part disagreement in between sources as to whether it have to be written “seat belt” or “seatbelt,” but the two-word option is much more prevalent and is favored by Merriam-Webster. For example:

Make sure your seat belt is on before we start driving.

Is “set up” one word or two?

If that is a noun, the one-word “setup” is correct. As a verb, usage the two-word expression “set up.” because that example:

Zoe has actually finished the setup of her new iPad.

Jamie hasn’t started to set up his computer.

Is “sign up” one word or two?

“Sign up” is a two-word verb phrase. For the noun or adjective acquired from it, use the hyphen spelling “sign-up.” for example:

Rose wants to sign up to join the class.

Martha write her name on the sign-up sheet.

Is “skill set” one native or two?

Most dictionaries agree that “skill set” is the wanted spelling, and the one-word “skillset” is incorrect. For example:

The employer saw that Katarina had the important skill collection for the job.

Is “smartphone” one native or two?

When the ax came into our language, that was very first written as “smart phone”. However, it has actually quickly end up being a link word, and today “smartphone” is much more prevalent. For example:

My new smartphone have the right to record video in 4K.

Is “spellcheck” one native or two?

This is checked out written as both “spellcheck” and also “spell-check”, but the single-word form is many common, whether as a noun or a verb. Because that example:

Bill ran a spellcheck on the essay before submitting.

Writers should constantly spellcheck your work.

Is “summertime” one word or two?

The solitary word “summertime” is most usual in American English, though in british English, “summer time” is acceptable. Because that example:

Mel enjoys visiting the coast in the summertime.

Is “teamwork” one indigenous or two?

The noun “teamwork” is constantly spelled as a solitary word. For example:

Graham and also Ryan showed good teamwork by obtaining the project done together.

Is “thank you” one native or two?

The verb expression “thank you” is constantly written as two words. “Thankyou” is incorrect. For example:

Thank you, Victoria, because that taking the moment to view me.

Is “throughout” one native or two?

The indigenous “throughout,” meaning during the entirety course of, is constantly one word, never two. Because that example:

Adric remained irritating throughout his life.

Is “timeframe” one word or two?

Both Merriam-Webster and the associated Press agree the the two-word “time frame” is preferable come “timeframe.” because that example:

We have a tight time framework to gain this task finished.

Is “timeline” one word or two?

According come Merriam-Webster, “time line” describes a list of occasions that happened in history, whereas a “timeline” is a much more general term because that a schedule of events. However, “timeline” is becoming an ext prevalent in all contexts, and also is normally a for sure choice. Because that example:

Ian planned a timeline of events for the evening.

Is “timesheet” one indigenous or two?

Though “timesheet” is offered by part sources, the two-word “time sheet” is more prevalent and also is favored through Merriam-Webster. For example:

Yaz logged ten hrs of overtime on her time sheet.

Is “trashcan” one native or two?

The two-word noun phrase “trash can” is wanted over “trashcan” by many dictionaries, consisting of Merriam-Webster. For example:

Donna placed the packaging from her sandwich right into the trash can.

Is “waitlist” one native or two?

If that a noun, use the one-word “waitlist.” If the a verb, use the hyphenated “wait-list.” because that example:

Ask Jack if you want to be placed on the waitlist.

Ask Jack if you want him come wait-list you.

Is “website” one word or two?

“Website” should always be one word. The prevalent type used to be “web site” in the 1990s, however this has fallen out of use. Because that example:

Clive regularly updates his website.

Is “wellbeing” one native or two?

In American English, the prevalent spelling is “well-being,” through a hyphen. For example:

Healthy food and regular exercise are important for her well-being.

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Note, however, the “wellbeing” is the an ext common assignment in British and also Australian English.

Is you yourself one native or two?

“Yourself” is one word, comparable to “herself” and “myself.” “Your self” is incorrect. For example: