If you"re here, you"ve probably heard that saying and also wondered what horses have to do with glue. Here"s wherein that quote originates from, and an ext about what raw products are really offered to manufacture glues.

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Do you usage horses and other animals to manufacture her glues? Is glue yes, really made from horses?

We"ve gotten these question countless times, and also understandably so. With a product called "animal glue", some world assume our glues space made with pets - more specifically, horses.

What Is animal Glue really Made Of?

The (icky) old saying "take the horse to the glue factory" originates indigenous the 18th and 19th century, when ranchers would certainly dispose of pets (horses) to factories that manufactured glue (Wikipedia). This to be long prior to LD Davis was in the adhesive business, and the assets we make now - if still referred to as pet glue - are not made with horses.

In fact, no pets have ever been carried into our phibìc Carolina production plant for glue production.

What Is pet Hide Glue?

Decades ago, the main raw material in our pet glue formulas was dehydrated hide glue.

Historically,hide adhesive was recognized as and referred come as animal glue. This kind of dried granular glue, which is mixed with warm water for application, has actually existed since ancient times.

The an initial known written measures of do hide glue were written about 2000 BC. In between 1500–1000 BC, the was provided for timber furnishings and also mural paintings, uncovered even on the caskets that Egyptian Pharaohs.

To be clear, no pet parts room in our hide glue. As the name suggest, the hides space soaked in a equipment to extract the collagen (similar come bone broth today). That collagen "slurry” floats to the top, is removed, dried and also ground up into the crystals you watch above.

Hide adhesive still has actually a variety of uses today. That is most typically used in woodworking applications, as it has a variety of reversibility benefits for hand work.

How Is Our pet Glue manufactured Now?

Many of the glues that we manufacture now, i beg your pardon are described as animal glue, space actually made with recycled medicine gelatin. Gelatin is a protein derived from collagen protein. The is why friend will periodically hear us describe our gelatin-based glues has protein glues.

Why You should Be making use of Protein Glue

Gelatin is provided in countless items us consume every day. Here are simply a few:

Vitamin capsulesSkin treatment productsCosmeticsShampooPhotographic filmJell-o, marshmallows, candy corn (and a number of candies)CheesecakeSome wines

Our team has long standing partnerships with some of the world"s biggest pharmaceutical gelatin users. We have actually been able to aid them to discover a usage for a gelatin "waste" the they deserve to no much longer use in their manufacturing process.

Of course, gelatin is not the just raw material in our natural gelatin-based glues. They space formulated through a few additional raw materials, including: water, glycerin, Epsom salt, and also corn sugar. These eco-friendly glues room a favorite amongst luxury packaging manufacturers, publication manufactures, rigid box makers and also more.

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So if you"re wonder if anyone is acquisition their equine to the adhesive factory, you can rest assured castle are definitely not bringing it to LD Davis. This is one old saying that, no pun intended, simply stuck approximately in the industry.

If you"d like to learn an ext about our gelatin glues, or our production process, feel totally free to contact our technological team!