Singer and also producer Bruno Mars has long been contrasted to Michael Jackson. His solid singing voice and pop sound have been taken into consideration in competition v The King of Pop; come the point that numerous fans have speculated the Mars is a mystery love son of Michael Jackson. Also Mars’ previous publicist Vladimir Kershov had actually once proclaimed that Jackson to be the 24K Magic singer’s biological father; i beg your pardon is the declare that led to his termination as publicist. 

However, Bruno Mars walk share one trait through Michael Jackson: they both have come indigenous musically inclined family backgrounds. Whereas Michael Jackson began his career through his family as a member the the pop band, The Jackson 5; Mars additionally performed v his family throughout his beforehand years as component of The Love Notes. And although his siblings have proven come be superior with your musical talents, Mars has additionally managed to collection himself personally by gaining mainstream success as a solo artist. But for the many part, us know around Bruno Mars already. The real concern is, who are his siblings?


Bruno Mars was born Peter Gene Hernandez Jr in Honolulu, Hawaii. His father, Peter Gene Hernandez was a percussionist while his mother, Bernadette to be a hula dancer. He later on moved come Los Angeles in 2003 in ~ the age of 18 and signed v Motown records soon after. Once finished through his responsibilities at Motown, Mars later on joined the Atlantic record Corporation. Around the exact same time, he additionally co-founded the production team, The Smeezingtons and also became a rising star after special on singles such as “Nothing top top You” by B.O.B and “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy. He then released his debut album, Doo-wops & Hooligans; which consisted of the fight singles “Just The way You Are”, “Grenade”, and also “The Lazy Song.”

However, what people don’t understand is the a part of Mars’ at an early stage success deserve to actually it is in attributed come the members of his family. 

Eric “E-Panda” Hernandez


Bruno’s older brothers Eric Hernandez is the drummer of Mars’ live band, The Hooligans. The is the oldest Hernandez sibling and it’s to be the band’s drummer ever since its younger brother began his career.

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Eric began drumming in ~ the period of 4 and started his professional career at the age of 10. He ended up being one that the most famous drummers in Hawaii and in 1995, moved to Los Angeles where he quickly became the drummer the the different pop band, Louie Says. Follow to FamilyTron, Eric left the band to end up being a policeman. After 5 years of patrolling the LA streets, he climate joined Bruno as component of The Hooligans. He is at this time married with 3 children.


Jaime Hernandez is actually Bruno’s cousin. However, due to circumstances, she was embraced by the Hernandez family as a sister to Bruno and also the remainder of the brood. She offered as Bruno’s booking manager in 2007 and is currently the founder the the non-profit organization, Mama Earth. In addition, Jamie is additionally a producer and also businesswoman.

Tiara Hernandez


Bruno’s sister Tiara again singing in publicly at an early age as component of the band, The Love Notes. She was when a preschool teacher prior to pursuing music full-time. She is currently a surfer, music teacher, and also festival founder.


Tahiti has actually been singing due to the fact that she was 3 year old. She’s right now married to experienced Surfer, Billy Kemper and also has four children.

Presley Hernandez


The youngest that the family, Presley Hernandez has actually ventured right into acting and also producing. She’s right now married to Hawaiian i know well hop artist Kealoha Mahone and has two children.

In 2013, the Mars sisters formed their own girl band, The Lylas and even appeared in a reality TV show of the same name; i m sorry was created by Jamie Hernandez. The motivation for the group came ~ the fatality of Bruno Mars’s mother, Bernadette. Unfortunately, both the group and the present were short-lived; prompting the sister to relocate on to various other endeavors.

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Now, return the rest of Mars’s siblings space not as renowned as Janet, Tito, or Latoya that the Jackson 5, they absolutely still come native the same place when it concerns their love because that music. And let’s be honest, outside of Michael and also Janet, the remainder of The Jackson family didn’t really attain the very same incredible heights of music success; for this reason that’s an additional similarity that they share with Bruno Mars and also his family. Regardless, one thing that can’t be denied: wherever they are in life, castle will always have the music.