We’re being asked toidentify if brassis anelement, a compound, ahomogeneous mixture or a heterogenous mixture.

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Recall that:

anelementis a pure substance that is the most basic formacompoundis a chemical substance written of many identical molecules created of atoms from more than one aspect held with each other by chemistry bonds.mixturesarecombinations of 2 or more pure building material (elements or compounds).

Mixtures arenot chemically combined.

Mixtures can either be:

Homogenous: the contents areevenly distributedandindistinguishablefrom each other

Heterogenous: the contents arenot same distributedanddistinguishablefrom every other

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Musical tools like trumpets and trombones room made native an alloy dubbed brass. Brass is created of copper and also zinc atoms and also appears homogeneous under an optical microscope. The approximate composition of most brass objects is a 2:1 ratio of copper come zinc atoms, yet the precise ratio varies rather from one piece of brass to another.

Would you classify brass as an element, a compound, a homogeneousmixture, or a heterogeneous mixture?

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