Air is our most familiar example of the state of issue we speak to gas. We live immersed in it and depend on it to stay alive. It"s additionally invisible, not particularly tangible, and can be daunting to investigate. But, choose solids and also liquids, air is matter. It has actually weight (more than we can imagine), it takes increase space, and it is composed of corpuscle too little and too spread out apart to see. Air, a mixture that gases, share properties with water vapor, the gaseous kind of water the is component of air. Understanding air helps us know water vapor.

Formative Assessment

Can her students usage data to factor that wait is matter?

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Can her students use data to factor that wait is matter?

Notebook entries save evidence the students have the right to use your observational data come make insurance claims that air takes up room and has weight and also is, therefore, matter.

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Enlarge Notebook Sample

Annotated drawing of syringes

does the drawing show that air is constant from one syringe, through the connecting tube, to the various other syringe?Does the annotation show the student understands that that if you take away space for waiting in one syringe, the air has to go somewhere else and, therefore, create this an are by advertise on the plunger that the second syringe?

Annotated drawing of inflated balloon

does the student describe that that once the balloon with extr air pushes the balance pan down, this is proof there boost in weight the must have come indigenous the added air?

Next steps could be a conversation of experiences from day-to-day life the provide comparable evidence the air bring away up space and has actually weight. For example, placing air in a tires pushes the tires out together the air filling the room and increases the weight.

Students" investigate of solids and also liquids listed evidence that these materials have actually weight and also take up an are and are hence matter. Now students seek evidence that air (a gas) has actually weight and also takes up room and is additionally mattter. This investigation is the first in a succession of four in i m sorry students investigate the properties of air. Despite our gift able come move freely through air, students establish that waiting takes up room as they manipulate a system of coupled syringes. V a convincing balloon demonstration, that is likewise established that air has actually weight.

By the finish of this investigation students will certainly have proof that waiting takes increase space, has actually weight, and, therefore, is matter. Students will be presented to the idea that air is created of particles too tiny and too spread out apart to see.

Learning Goals

know that waiting takes up space, has actually weight, and is matter composed of particles too small and too spread apart to see succession of experiences
1. Asking the question All Class 10 Mins
2. Explore air in a closed systemPairs 10 Mins
3. Sweet balloons All Class 15 Mins
4. Do meaning All Class 10 Mins

Materials and Preparation


reduced twelve 16in lengthy pieces native the coil of clear plastic 1/4-inch tube Assemble two sets of 16in double balloons. A dual balloon is a set of 2 balloons, through one balloon placed into the other balloon. Slide the balloons over the eraser end of a pencil will help insert one balloon inside the other. Press a rubber stopper steady onto the guideline of the balloon pump (See photo). Exercise using the balloon pump come inflate and tie off a dual balloon. Just the within balloon demands to be tied. Usage one hand come squeeze the balloons against the rubber stopper. Through the other hand, use rapid, constant motion the the pump take care of to inflate the double balloon come near-maximum size. Perfectly balance a twin pan balance that has actually an uninflated twin balloon in each pan.

Note: If you are unable to usage latex balloons in her classroom, see the video Balloons ~ above a Pan Balance online at, class 5 curriculum, resource Quick web links or investigation 13.

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for the class:
short article the investigation question in a place where all students have the right to see it. 1 twin pan balance, perfectly well balanced with an uninflated dual balloon in each pan 1 balloon pump with rubber stopper inserted onto the reminder 2 to adjust of 16in double balloons because that each group: 2 16in lengths of clear plastic 1/4-inch tube 4 12cc syringes

Concept Cartoon


The Air has Weight ide Cartoon is frequently used as a formative assessment at the finish of this investigation.