It have the right to be a little difficult to call a goose and also a gander apart. Other than a couple of autosexing breeds, geese have the exact same plumage colors. Males and also females space also likewise sized and have no real obvious distinguishing attributes like a rooster’s sickle feathers. So how do friend tell the genders apart?

Well, it deserve to be reasonably easy when you’re familiar with geese. Review on to discover out how to tell the sex of her geese.

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Ganders often tend to relocate their top with more snakelike movements and are an ext likely to try to bite people and also other animals. If you approach him when he’s make the efforts to safeguard his family members he will certainly stretch the end his neck towards you.

Ganders will have a higher pitched voice and tend to be more vocal than the geese. They likewise have, in mine opinion, much more personality than the females.

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Do you want to learn just how to incubate and hatch your own goslings?

Vent Sexing Geese

Geese have the right to be vent sexed, yet be mindful that you can damage or death your geese if you aren’t careful. Execute so in ~ your own (and your bird’s) risk. Please continue with caution.

Okay, now that the disclaimer is the end of the way we deserve to dive right into vent sexing. These instructions are for enlarge birds. You deserve to hold a younger g

capture your goose and place that on the ground, ship up. Kneel end the goose utilizing your legs to save it in place. Expect it doesn’t bite her butt.