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to you, what is degree numbers are considered hot, warm, cold, etc. (temperatures, days)
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Blazing: end 95 degrees Hot: end 80 degrees Warm: 69-79 (very comfortable, in mine opinion). Cool: 59-68 (but quiet comfortable) Cold: below 57 degrees Frigid: below 40 levels or reduced (in my opinion. It"s as well cold for me, that"s for sure). Yes, every in Fahrenheit.
These are warmth indexes/wind chills due to the fact that they are an ext accurate for how it yes, really feels. Blazing: 121F and also HigherHot: 106F - 120FWarm: 75F - 105FCool: 55F - 74FCold: 45F - 54FFrigid: 44F and Below Note: hot or Blazing doesn"t bother me, I actually love when its that hot.
Honestly, I execute too! I choose it warm or blazing. Ns don"t need to wear as well much clothing when the gets like that (I precise live in my swimsuit at those times, with shorts, round cap, and also sandals). Comfortable because that me...I guess I"m favor a lizard...LOL!!!
Blazing: above 100F Hot: 75-95FWarm: 50-74FCool: 25-49F (These are very comfortable temps because that me....any ar that has actually these temps as an mean year-around temperature is suitable place because that me)Cold: 0-24FVery Cold: -24 come 0FFrigid: below -25F
Blazing: above 100F Hot: 75-95FWarm: 50-74FCool: 25-49F (These are very comfortable temps for me....any location that has these temps as an mean year-around temperature is an ideal place because that me)Cold: 0-24FVery Cold: -24 to 0FFrigid: listed below -25F
Interesting just how it appears that most people who choose "cool/cold weather" commonly have temperature-sensations rated "one notch" below mine. What you speak to hot, I contact warm. What you speak to warm, I contact cool etc. O.P. Is additionally almost-precisely one notch listed below my ratings.
I know you favor "cool weather" and you"d more than likely like the here.Funny that what I speak to "cool weather" just predominates in the warmest 5 month of the year in Toronto.For her body-type, it would certainly feel "cool-to-warm" 8-10 months a year.
(significant improvement, imho)
If most English human being are choose you ( anything below 45f is freezing) I would certainly say that is no only heat they space intolerant to however they have actually very little tolerance because that cold additionally .
That"s what you gain when world are provided to a marine climate through (relatively) small temperature variation. We space spoiled by the gulf currently in the winter stopping it gaining too cold. Though ns personally have the right to cope through the kind of heat that would have actually most English people passing out. I wear a fleece exercising outdoors as much as 28c/82f there is no breaking a sweat, allow alone emotion "hot", so I absolutely do not carry out "cold", and also would discover a Minnesota/most various other north USA claims winter shear hell. Bad enough here.
Blazing: over 100F Hot: 75-95FWarm: 50-74FCool: 25-49F (These are an extremely comfortable temps for me....any ar that has actually these temps as an average year-around temperature is perfect place for me)Cold: 0-24FVery Cold: -24 to 0FFrigid: listed below -25F
Are you originally from Florida? simply curious. Based upon this, you have quite the yongin for cold weather!
Are you initially from Florida? simply curious. Based on this, you have quite the yongin for cold weather!
Haha in reality I"m originally from Venezuela.....which is in reality warmer 보다 Florida relying on where you go.
. I just find I"m much more comfortable in cold weather, I saw Saranac Lake, NY one winter break and it obtained down come -36F one night and also I"m much more comfortable and also happy at the temperature 보다 I am at 95
, it"s a bit odd.....hot weather provides me an extremely grumpy and also tired.

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To me:scorching hot- 95° and also up warm - 85° and upcold- 50° and below bitter cold- 30° and also belowOur high in summer room rarely over 100° and also our short in winter space rarely listed below 15°. Ours warmest average high in July is 86° and also coldest median low in January is 25°.
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