In this article, we will break down the concept of “time is the the essence” for this reason you recognize all over there is come know around it.

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We will first look in ~ what it means, that is legal definition, the various variations of the phrase, how time is the the essence clause is supplied in contracts, its enforceability and more.

By the moment you’re done reading this post, you’ll be rather knowledgeable the what it means.

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Time is of the essenceWhat is time is that the essence clause?Enforceability that the “time is that the essence” clauseTime is of the essence examplesFrequently asked questions

Time is the the essence

Let’s begin by expertise what the expression “time is the the essence” means.

What does time is the the significance mean?

Time is that the essence is a term offered to show that the performance of certain contractual responsibilities is time-sensitive and failure of which a party may suffer damages.

“Time the the essence” means “this is really important” “this is essential”, “this is time-sensitive”.

When using the time is of the essence clause, the timelines and also delays listed for in the contract are thought about essential and also failure to respect lock is thought about to it is in a material breach that contract. 


According to, time is that the significance is characterized as:

“when something must be excellent immediately: “The doctors need to operate appropriate now; if they hope to conserve her, time is of the essence.”

The Cambridge Dictionary’s an interpretation of time is the the significance is as follows:

“said come encourage someone to hurry”

As you deserve to see from the definition, time is that the essence refers to a sense of urgency in time.


The phrase time is the the essence have the right to be provided in various ways such as:

Time-is-of-the-essenceIn the significance of timeEssence the timeTime the the essenceTime that essence

No matter exactly how it is formulated, the meaning of the expression remains the same: that is an essential that miscellaneous is done within a specific timeline.

What is time is that the essence clause?

In contract law, when using a “time is of the significance clause”, the writer of the contract intends come ensure that the performance of the various other party’s obligation is perfect by a specific date without which the other party will certainly be in a product breach of contract.

Crucial deadlines

Contract professionals and also lawyers have to be careful around how they use the time that the essence clause in a contract.

If specific obligations must be perform by a particular date, the finest practice is to plainly stipulate the meeting in the contract.

When a party’s factor to consider in a contract is attached to the timely delivery of a service, a product or obligations, a non-breaching party can easily prove in court the there has been a product breach of contract.

Non-crucial deadlines

Where the moment is the the significance clause have the right to be beneficial is once referring come non-crucial deadlines or delays the are taken into consideration minor in importance.

When handling the performance of an element of a contractual duty objectively minor in importance, a contractual party may elevate its importance by using the moment is the the essence clause.

In various other words, by stipulating a deadline, even for one objectively minor duty in the grand plan of things, and also using time is that the significance clause come express the intention the the deadline is crucial, a contracting party deserve to invoke a product breach need to that attributed is not observed.

This go not immediately mean the the court will think about a minor breach to be a product breach ~ above the communication of the “time is that the significance clause” yet it definitely gives a party the ability to invoke together a position in court.

At the finish of the day, the court will think about the terms that the contract together with the overall circumstances of the case and also the behaviour of the party come enforce the time is that the essence clause.

In many contracts, the moment is the the significance clause is provided as a “catch-all” i to suggest that if the other party falls short to carry out within the state period, that party will be in breach of contract.

Time is of the significance vs refer clause

A contract deserve to expressly specify that a specific obligation must be performed by a certain date because that a party to stop a breach.

This is thought about to it is in an express clause giving for a timeline in a contract.

For example, a party may stipulate the adhering to in a contract:

“The service provider shall complete the advance of the software program by no later than August 1st failure of i m sorry the client shall have actually no duty to take distribution of the software and also may terminate the present agreement for cause”

In this to express clause, the customer has clearly stipulated the if the business provider go not provide by a details date, the customer will have actually no duty towards the service provider and can even terminate the contract because that breach.

If the moment is of the essence wording is supplied in conjunction v a certain date, climate it leaves no ambiguity that the meeting is vital and can not be missed.

Time is the the significance vs reasonable time

A contracting party may want come give added importance to the delays noted for in a contract.

That’s when you use the expression time is of the essence.

For example, the parties have the right to stipulate something prefer this in a contract:

“The next agree the the job-related product shall be made easily accessible to the customer for trial and error within two months from the execution that the existing agreement and also acknowledge the time is that the essence”

In some cases, you might not define a particular timeline or deadline come perform details obligations but you desire to make certain that the principle of time continues to be important.

That’s when you have the right to use the “reasonable time” expression or something similar.

For example, a clause have the right to read something like this:

“Following an event of pressure majeure, the next shall resume your contractual obligations in a commercially reasonable timeline”

In this case, the parties are not stipulating the specific time but are ensuring the the solutions are resumed as quickly as feasible when the event of force majeure is over.

Enforceability of the “time is that the essence” clause

To the surprised of many, no all delays in a contract can be taken into consideration as product by a court.

Contractual delays

If a party does no respect details delays in a contract, a court may not instantly consider that there was a material breach the contract justifying breach of contract remedies.

In countless contracts prefer sales contracts, loan agreements, real estate transactions or other types of contracts, the courts may not consider the time of the performance of all responsibilities to be necessary unless the is regulation otherwise.

Enforceable clause

To ensure that the various other party is made mindful that the timely power of the contractual obligations is crucial, time is of the essence clause must be used.

With a “time is the the essence” clause, the court will interpret the contract in such a way to give more importance come the contractual deadlines and also enforce it against the breaching party.

For example, if a basic contractor is tied to supply the construction of a commercial residential property by a very details date, the contractor need to ensure that its subcontractors respect your contractual deadlines together well.

This way, the power of the electrician’s obligation will have actually time sensitivity.

The basic contractor may encompass a time is that the significance clause in the electrician’s company contract come ensure that the occupational is delivered and completed top top time.

The basic contractor will make it clean to the electrician the his or her hold-up can an outcome in the general contractor to it is in in breach of its responsibilities with the finish client, therefore, time is that the essence to get the project done ~ above time.

If the electrician stops working to perform its duties on time, the court will enforce the moment is the the essence clause and also consider the electrician to it is in in a product breach the the contract.


In some cases, the moment is that the significance clause may not be easily enforceable depending on the contractual wording and also the circumstances.

If the parties gone into into a facility obligation there is no specifying any kind of timeline in the contract and merely consisted of a time is that the essence clause together a “catch-all” clause, the court may have more difficulty enforcing it.

For example, a catch-all clause can be drafted in the complying with way:

“Time is that the essence with respect come the power of all obligations under this agreement”

If a party misses a deadline, the courts usually expect because that the breaching party to be notified and given a chance to timeless cure the breach.

If a non-breaching party provides a general time is of essence provision to automatically put an additional contracting party in default, the courts might not necessarily enforce the clause really strictly.

On the various other hand, time is of the essence clause offered in conjunction with a certain deadline will have much more chances to be enforced, together as:

“The next agree that the service provider shall provide the task by no later on than August first and acknowledges that time is of the essence representing critical consideration for the client”

In this example, the moment of the essence clause is used in addition to a specific deadline send a strong and clear post that if the attributed is missed, it will be taken into consideration a material breach of contract.

Time is of the essence examples

In law, the phrase time is that the significance is generally used in contracts.

Purchase of products contract

For example, in a contract because that the sale of a good, the delivery day is generally an important for the client.

As a result, a purchaser may clearly stipulate the the delivery of the merchandise or products will it is in of the essence.

Here is an example:

“The vendor shall supply the merchandise to the buyer within two months from the execution that the existing agreement. The parties acknowledge that time is that the essence for the shipment of the merchandise failure of which the buyer might cancel the contract.”

In other words, fail to accomplish the delivery date will result in a breach of contract.

Real heritage contract

The time come perform certain obligations in a real estate contract is no necessarily taken into consideration time-sensitive or product by the courts uneven stipulated otherwise through the parties.

In various other words, the parties to a genuine estate contract who desire to give significance to the achievement of particular obligations through a certain date must specifically stipulate the in their contract.

If the contract walk not expressly stipulate the time is that the essence, the court will think about a “reasonable timeline” come be good enough to execute the obligations.

As an example, you deserve to stipulate a i as follows:

“The next hereby agree that the closeup of the door of the current real heritage transaction shall take place on or prior to August 1st where such hold-up is the the essence and shall not be postponed”

In this example, the parties clearly intend to provide significance come the close up door date.

Without such a statement, the closing day of August 1st will no be expressly imposed yet the parties have to close the transaction ~ above or around that time.

Frequently inquiry questions

What is the definition of “time is the the essence”?

Time is the the essence way that something has to be done immediately or within a certain dealy.

It’s to tension the truth that a deadline cannot be missed or action has to happen.

For example, we have the right to use the hatchet “time is of the essence” in the following way:

“Following a love attack, time is that the essence to treat the person”

This method that it is important to act quickly.

Is time is of the significance a legitimate term?

The hatchet “time is that the essence” is provided in the English language to indicate that something requirements to be done immediately.

The expression is additionally used in law to describe a job or obligation that need to be carry out by a specific date.

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If the contractual deadline is missed, climate the party lacking the deadline will be taken into consideration in breach that contract.