So, you space factoring trinomials and when you gain to a trinomial that has a lead coefficient better than 1, you begin to panic. Does that sound familiar?

Confused currently because you aren"t sure what a lead coefficient higher than 1 means?"


Yes, you"ve probably found that this trinomials are a little more difficult to factor. But, no worries, if you can factor by grouping, then i am walk to show you a very simple, easy means to factor these trinomials.

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Example 1: Factoring a Trinomial

Factor the trinomial: 3x2 - 24x - 8.

Our first step is come "set up" the problem so that we can variable this trinomial by grouping. In bespeak to aspect by grouping, we will should rewrite the trinomial with four terms. Salary close fist to just how this is done.

We very first need to recognize two "Magic Numbers". Us will discover these number by utilizing the following method:



Did you notice how we uncovered the 2 "magic numbers" and they aided us come rewrite the trinomials with four terms. Ns hope that you additionally noticed the the brand-new polynomial with four terms is still tantamount to the initial trinomials. Once you integrate like terms, we finish up with the same middle term the is included in the original trinomial.

Once you have actually a brand-new set-up with 4 terms, you deserve to use the grouping method to proceed factoring this trinomial. I discover it to it is in much less complicated than the guess and check method and i hope you perform too!

Now we will take a look at one an ext example. In this instance take keep in mind of the mine very an initial step.

Example 2: Factoring v a command Coefficient greater Than One

Factor: 12x2+14x + 4

I an alert that this trinomial has larger numbers and also the an initial thing I"m walking to execute it check out if over there is a greatest usual factor (GCF) that i can element out the this trinomial. This will enable me to occupational with smaller numbers.


I hope the these two examples aid you to variable these difficult trinomials. If you had actually trouble, you might want to go ago and examine out the factoring by group lesson together that is a prerequisite come this lesson.

Wishing you all the best!

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