First Line:

If you however trust in God to guide you

Songbook: Evangelical Lutheran praise 2006

Page Number: 769

Song Key: G minor

Language: English

Authors: Georg Neumark; tr. Composite


Verse 1

If you however trust in God to guide youwith tenderness hand through all your ways, you"ll discover that God is there beside youwhen crosses come, in make the efforts days.Trust climate in God"s unchanging love;build on the absent that will certainly not move.

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Verse 2

What acquire is there in worried weepingin helpless anger and also distress?If you room in your Savior"s keeping, in sorrow will certainly he love girlfriend less?For Christ who took because that you a crosswill lug you safe through every loss.

Verse 3

The lord our restless understanding is holding, in peace and also quietness content.We rest in God"s an excellent will unfolding, what wisdom indigenous on high has actually sent.God, who has chosen united state by grace, knows very well the fears us face.

Verse 4

Sing, pray, and also keep God"s ways unswerving, sell your business faithfully.Trust heaven"s word; though undeserving, you"ll find God"s promise true to be.This is our confidence indeed:God never fails in time the need.

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