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27. Phenotype brief hair = LL or Ll long hair = ll Genotypes LL and Ll are different yet both of lock are quick hair. 28. Every one of the above Genes are the functional segment that DNA which are located at a certain locati…View the full answer

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Transcribed picture text: 27. If brief hair (L) is dominant to long hair (I), animals Lland L have actually the very same a. Parents. B. Genotypes c. Phenotypes. D. Alleles. E. Genes. 28. Genes are a. Situated on chromosomes. B. Inherited in the same means as chromosomes. C. Arranged in straight sequence top top chromosomes. D. Assorted independently throughout meiosis. E all of these 29. Mendel's theory of live independence assortment claims that a. One allele is always dominant come another. B. Hereditary devices from the male and also female parental are blended in the offspring. C. The 2 hereditary systems that influence a particular trait segregate during gamete formation. D. Every hereditary unit is inherited independently from various other hereditary units. Every one of these space true. 30. Chromosomes various other than those associated in sex decision are recognized as a nucleosomes. B. Hematosomes. C alleles. D autosomes. E. Liposomes 31. People with the progeria syndrome a. Number about one in eight million. B. Will have an accelerated rate the aging, c. Normally die in their teens. D. Lug a mutant gene for a nuclear structural protein. E are all of these. 32. Sex chromosomes a. Determine gender. B. Differ from one sex to another. C. Carry some gene that have actually nothing to execute with sex. D. Were unknown come Mendel. C. Are every one of these. 33. A karyotype a. To compare one collection of chromosomes to another. B. Is a visual screen of chromosomes arranged according come size. C. Is a photograph of cell undergoing mitosis throughout anaphase. D. Of a normal person cell reflects 48 chromosomes. E. Can not be supplied to determine individual chromosomes beyond the truth that two chromosomes space homologues. 34. Through respect to chromosomes, the difference between normal person males and also females is defined by which of the following? a. In females, one X is deleted. B. Females possess one X and one Y. C. Males own an X and a Y. D. Females have three Xs. E. Males have actually two Xs and also a Y.