Pro-Trump media designed a heroic myth the Trump’s typo was sophisticated code to take on the Kabul vehicle bombers. Transforms out castle were making use of Google translate wrong.

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Diehard pan of Donald trump card on Reddit believe they cracked the code to Donald Trump’s an enig trolling genius: the true meaning of covfefe.

Trump tweeted the typo rather of the word “coverage” late Tuesday night, prompting an onslaught that memes and also ridicule since. Yet a user on Reddit’s r/the_donald, the largest Trump community on the web, thought he discovered out that true meaning by running a variation of words through Google Translate.

“We all believed it was funny. I thought it was maybe since President Trump acquired interrupted mid-tweet through the Kabul bombing,” wrote user WeAreGonnaMAGA late on Wednesday. “But Sean Spicer said, cryptically, “The president and a small group of world know specifically what he meant. U/Shake33 determined that the translates into Arabic together ‘I will certainly stand up.’”

Turns the end the translation is wrong.

“This is insane,” Yale college Islam scholar and also Arabic speaker Andrew March told The everyday Beast. “Why would they think this?”

After a few hours, also the exact same r/the_donald post was amended come answer that question.

“Yeah if you follow the connect to google translate, it very first transliterated the English word right into an almost right Arabic expression ‘sof fuqof,’ sof basic being the future it is too dirty ‘I will,’ and also ‘fa qaaf fa’ an interpretation stand up,” created user MantananForTrump.

“Since cuvfefe has no glottal ‘qaaf’ sound in it, this is just a failure of Google Translate’s initial transliteration and it doesn't median what the English phrase says at the bottom.”

Still, Trump’s temporary secret genius make it all the means to Twitter accounts of alt-right and also pro-Trump Twitter figureheads prefer Cassandra Fairbanks, forums favor 4chan, and numerous YouTube videos.

“Cov fe'fe is ‘I will certainly stand up’ in Arabic. The was appropriate after the bombing in Kabul,” composed Fairbanks. “To quote a fail politician: ‘Delete her account.’”

The website Truthfeed took credit for the scoop, too, saying "after doing part research and using Google Translate, we found 'Cov fe’fe' in Arabic method 'I will stand up'" and that the tweet "now renders perfect sense."

Trump’s so late night gaffe in reality being a brilliant, covert troll project simply had actually too lot appeal because that some individuals to discard. Some invented intricate conspiracy theories that, since the tweet emerged ten minutes after a auto bombing in Kabul, that “this was for them” and also that “meme magic is real.” WeAreGonnaMAGA referred to the tweet as 26-dimensional chess.

MantananForTrump’s debunking, along with the early stage post, was deleted. All of the comments in support of the conspiracy remain on Reddit.

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Fairbanks also wrote a short article called “Sit down Hillary Clinton, this is What ‘Covfefe’ really Means” for the website BigLeaguePolitics.

“Trump likewise recently returned from a international trip come Saudi Arabia and also elsewhere, wherein he handle leaders and also citizens of the Arab world,” she wrote. “You’re welcome.”