1. Read in between the lines.

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Deviating native the expected sexual ones, a girl stated this to me after class one day:

“When ns asked come borrow your pen, it wasn’t because I essential a pen.”

2. Sounds favor a nice awesome girl.

Last night: i wish there was an ext Fullmetal Alchemist.

3. It’s those inside that counts.

I heard “I desire you inside me” critical week. Awesome sentence.

Edit: she claimed it again! :D

4. Oh damn.

“I have the right to feel friend pulsing inside me.” the was some next level shit to hear as we came together.

5. That’s nice sweet. 

“You make me feeling safe and also I love you for it.”

6. She’s a keeper.

Let’s beat strip-D&D.

7. The just 2 points you need for an awesome night.

“Bring residence hot wings and condoms.”

8. Let’s make part babies.

“Cum in me. I desire your children.”

Bonus: she no a total psycho, she genuinely wanted us to have kids together, together did I.

9. Most sexiest.

When my really shy SO said to me ‘I want you’. It to be the many sexiest thing ever.

10. It’s around what wake up after the sex. 

Sex is an excellent and all but if a woman says “want me to do you breakfast” after the sex you marry her.

11. Take it every off. 

My SO and I to be going come a party and also I said, “That dress looks really good on you.” She instantly shot back, “It looks a lot far better off of me.”

12. That’s kinda monster tbh.

She rolls over in my bed after a night of drinking, grabs mine dick and also in the sexiest Columbian accent states “I prefer this, its like the cock of a mythical beast… just how you say… Minotaur.”

13. A consistent Kim Kardashian over here.

Whispers “lets document it” in my ear. Rock hard.

14. Study buddies.

Had a friend day through a sorority at my school. An initial thing mine buddy claims to me is how she loves to masturbate. Us fucked around 15 mins later.

15. Very melty?

We to be spooning in bed, i was pressing my hard-on into her heiny. She was very melty as soon as turned on, she type of loses a bit of brain-body coordination in general and also actually acts a little like girls in porn. So as soon as I was grinding my boner top top her butt I placed my head on her shoulder and asked “what’s that pressing on you?”

“Mmmmm… her cock.”

Ejaculated ninety secs later.

16.  Fondest memory.

“I’m happy you exist in the world and that ns lucky sufficient to understand you.” This is my fondest storage of someone who I great I had the chance to know and love better.

17. It’s all in the compliment.

“You have actually a an excellent body.”

18. Sexy threat.

She was most likely lying, yet it made me feel an excellent in the moment due to the fact that it was the an initial time anyone had complimented mine appearance.

I to be going under on a her and she said… “If you dont acquire up here and fuck me right now I to be going to death you.”

19. All yours, bb.

Just the other day the chick I have actually been seeing got me going native dead exhausted to rock solid within secs of me coming to she place.

I to walk in she door, took turn off my shoes and also she come up and hugged me and also whispered “I’m yours.”

20. First time because that everything…literally.

Everything mine SO said to me yesterday when I shed my virginity. That was no awkward, and also I feel favor I’m part of the 1% because of that. Sex is awesome.

21. Sharing is caring.

Moments before my first threesome mine gf looked at me and also said, “Do to she what you carry out to me.”


22. Talking dirty in one more language.

Was date a Peruvian woman for a while. In the center of foreplay she whispered, “Metemelo…”

23. 1950’s housewife style. 

“I love cleaning!” She to be dead serious. Discovering she’ll take care of friend is exceptionally attractive. :)


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