Being able to say “I love you” in korean is crucial for many Korean language learners. Maybe you want to phone call a unique someone “I love you” in oriental to permit them recognize you have romantic feelings because that them. Maybe you want to tell your favorite Kpop star the you love them in Korean. Or maybe you want to express your feelings of love to your friends and family members in Korean.In this short article we will certainly teach girlfriend the right means to to speak “I love you” in Korean. Us will additionally show you some connected words and expressions come express your feelings in Korean.So, what is “I love you” in Korean?

The many common method to to speak “I love you” in korean is 사랑해 (sa-rang-hae). This comes from the korean verb 사랑하다 (sa-rang-ha-da) which way ‘to love’. As soon as this verb ‘to love’ is conjugated in the current tense, it becomes 사랑해 (sa-rang-hae).

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Let’s look in ~ the various ways to say “I love you” in Korean and also the situations in which you would usage these expression of affection in the appropriate way.

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“I Love You” In korean – Informal


As was mentioned above, the many common method to to speak “I love you” in oriental is 사랑해 (sa-rang-hae). This is the informal method to say “I love you” in Korean. This method that you deserve to use this with human being close to you and also people younger than you.

Most of the time you will surely be an extremely close come the human you space saying “I love you” to, for this reason this method of speak “I love you” in Korean have the right to be offered in most situations. Because that example, v your girlfriend or boyfriend, with your husband or wife, you have the right to use the informal way to speak “I love you” due to the fact that you are already an extremely close to them.You can likewise use this informal way to tell household members, such as brothers, sisters, and also parents that you love them.In some situations, you may want to say “I love you” in a an ext polite way. It is what fine look at next.

“I Love You” in korean – Polite


The polite way to say “I love you” in korean is 사랑해요 (sa-rang-hae-yo). You have actually probably noticed that it is the very same as the not blocked way, but with ‘요’ (yo) attached. 요 is the ending included to verbs to adjust that verb right into the polite form. As you learn more and more Korean, you will an alert many oriental expressions finish with 요 (yo).This polite method to to speak “I love you” in oriental is not offered as much as the informal way. This is because with most world you love, you already have a an extremely close relationship, so that is fine to use the not blocked way. However, you may want to usage the polite method to to speak “I love you” in various various situations.For example, with parents, parents in law, teachers, etc, you might want to usage the polite way to say “I love you” to display your appreciation, gratitude, and also affection in a an ext polite and respectful way.

“I Love You” In korean – Formal


If you desire to sound at sight polite and respectful once saying “I love you” in Korean, you deserve to use the formal way.The formal way come say “I love you” in oriental is 사랑합니다 (sa-rang-ham-ni-da). Again, the formal way to to speak “I love you” is no used really often with couples and also people you room really near to. However, sometimes world may select to say it in the formal method because they desire to present a most respect.For example, if you room telling your parents “I love you” on parents day, i beg your pardon is a special day come celebrate parental in Korea, you would certainly say 사랑합니다 come say “I love you” in a an extremely polite and respectful way. Girlfriend may additionally see this formal way to say “I love you” in oriental advertisements when businesses space telling your customers that they love lock they would certainly say “고객님 사랑합니다”. This is since they want to express your love for their customers, but they are not close come them, so it would be strange and impolite to usage the informal way to to speak “I love you”.

“I Love You, Too” In Korean


If friend tell someone that you love lock in Korean, you will surely expect to hear ‘I love you, too.” “I love you, too” in oriental is 나도 사랑해 (na-do sa-rang-hae). 나 means ‘I’ and 도 way ‘too/also’. Therefore 나도 사랑해 literally translates as ‘I also love’.

“I love You” In korean – example Sentences

Here room some example sentences v “I love you” in Korean.

오빠 사랑해 (oppa saranghae)

Oppa Saranghae (오빠 사랑해) or Saranghae Oppa (사랑해 오빠) is a way for ladies to say “I love you” come older men. 오빠 way ‘older brother’ and also is provided by women to contact men older than them. Oppa Saranghae have the right to be offered by women to speak “I love you.” to their boyfriend that is older than them, or to their older brothers in their family.

엄마 사랑해 (eom-ma sa-rang-hae)

If you desire to say “I love you” in korean to her mom, you would certainly say 엄마 사랑해. 엄마 means mom in Korean. If girlfriend would choose to speak “I love you” to other members of her family, simply replace 엄마 v the names of other household members in Korean.

자기야 사랑해 (jagiya saranghae)

자기야 사랑해 way ‘honey, i love you.’ and also can be used with your boyfriend or girlfriend to say “I love you” in Korean. 자기야 is one affectionate method to call you boyfriend or girlfriend and also is comparable to ‘honey’, ‘darling’, ‘baby’ in English. For an ext details and also example sentences through ‘jagiya’, inspect out our various other post, What go Jagiya Mean.

나 너 사랑 하는 거 같아 (na neo sa-rang ha-neun geo gat-tta)

If you desire to say “I think ns love you” in oriental you would say 나 너 사랑 하는 거 같아.

하늘만큼 땅만큼 사랑해 (Ha-nul-man-keum ddang-man-keum sa-rang-hae)

This means to say “I love you” in oriental is good if you desire to say “I love you so much.” or ” ns love girlfriend a lot. 하늘만큼 way ‘as much as the sky’ and also 땅만큼 way ‘as lot as the earth’. This korean expression of love approximately translates together ‘I love friend as lot as the skies (is high) and as lot as the earth (is wide).’

죽도록 사랑해 (Juk-do-rok sa-rang-hae)

This expression is another means to say that you yes, really love someone a many in Korean. 죽도록 사랑해 around translates together ‘I love you come death’ or ‘I love girlfriend (so much) i feel favor i’m going come die’.

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Thanks so much for reading to the end. 사랑해요! before you go, examine out our cost-free Korean lessons and Korean vocabulary pages to learn more useful oriental words and also phrases.