“Buzz Stingerton” as he is recognized, is the new mascot for the Sheridan Yellowjackets. Buzz, that is the first mascot for the Yellowjackets given that the 1990s, will certainly carry entertainment and college soul to games and various other district occasions throughout the year.

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2019 graduate, Logan Ingram, came up via the name “Buzz Stingerton” throughout a conversation through his friends once someone posed the question, “If a Yellowjacket had to take a test or gain a driver’s license what would its full name be?”

“Our students have been wanting a new mascot for a lengthy time,” shelp Superintendent Jerrod Williams. “I am thrilled Buzz is finally below, and I am looking forward to the positive influence he will certainly make at our assorted occasions. Buzz will serve as a good representative for the incredible college pride we have in the Yellowjacket Nation.”

Rachel Smith, a 2017 graduate, says that she was excited to hear around Buzz because she remembers spending hours through her classmates brainstorming methods to obtain a mascot for the Sheridan School District. “After seeing how a lot readjust and also expansion the district has actually knowledgeable in the last few years, I think ultimately getting a mascot has actually been the perfect touch,” she said. “I love seeing students and also our area enjoying something that brings so a lot soul to our schools!”

Jameboy Archer, present vice president of Student Council, states she is excited around the mascot also. “I have been a member of Student Voice for four years now and have heard the students say how much they wanted a mascot,” shelp Archer. “I am thrilled bereason of all the purposes that have actually been achieved -- a state-of-the-art arena, a new high school, and also currently Buzz, our new mascot!”

Buzz made his debut in between the Girls’ and also Boys’ basketball games on Feb. 11. Buzz was welcomed onto the court through cheers and celebration as he brought the game round to the referee just in time for the Boys’ guideline off. He invested the game cheering and also dancing with the cheerleaders and also posing for pictures through Yellowjacket fans, both young and old.

The practice, hand-crafted Buzz Stingerton suit has mainly gold-plush hair with blue accents as well as white wings and a white stinger. Buzz has actually a large, friendly, confident challenge and also wears a Yellowjacket jersey and also oversized sneakers. Buzz does not soptimal yet communicates a great deal with his body language and also general visibility.

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Right now, the district has actually not announced who is inside the Yellowjacket suit.

“Many kind of have asked me who is inside the suit,” sassist Superintendent Williams. “I tell them that is a mystery that we will certainly perform our finest to keep, as it adds to the excitement and character of Buzz. All I can say is we have actually an excellent student that will certainly complete out the year inside the suit and will certainly recurrent us well.”

According to Williams, the high school will host mascot try-outs at the same time as cheerleader try-outs for the upcoming institution year, and also the student who gets the part will go to mascot camp over the summer. “We’ve waited a long time for this,” sassist Williams, “so we desire to make sure our mascot offers the level of entertainment and spirit you would expect from a college mascot. Buzz Stingerton will play an essential role at Yellowjacket occasions for years to come.”