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Years ago I had this benidormclubdeportivo.org teacher (from UK) that asked us to analyze American Pie to Swedish. A quite daunting task of food :). Anyhow, that told united state that "Drove mine Chevy to the levy yet the levy to be dry" intended I drove my Chevrolet come the movie theatre but the film was dull.Anyone else who has actually heard this?


It"s "levee." levy is someone else. "American Pie" is Don McLean"s song about the change from the (supposedly) gold era the 1950s America v the turbulent 1960s as reflected in pop music. A levee is a quay or a dike along a river to manage flooding, in any case, a ar where you"d mean to discover water. But in the song, the water is missing. This is likely an allusion to the 1950s variety show special music of those years and hosted by singer Dinah Shore. Throughout the program, she sang a track to accompany a Chevrolet vehicle commercial. The song rhymed "Chevy" with "levee." To take a look and a hear click here. In the song, those times symbolized by Dinah Shore and also the modern music space gone like the lacking water that"s left the levee dry.


Speaking together an American that is about contemporaneous with Don McLean, I"m fear you to be the victim that a brothers teacher who had no principle of 1950"s united state culture. Except, perhaps, what he"d read in the magazines.

The very first verses of "American Pie", the is, the verses coming before the 2nd chorus, location the singer as a high-school student in the us south. (This regardless of the reality that McLean himself visited prep college in new York.) He has a record route, he drives a pickup, that goes come dances in the high institution gym. He to know a bunch the "good ole boys" and drives to a levee. Together Wikipedia point out out, us use of "levee" is pretty much minimal to the Midwest and also Deep South, and "good ole boys" refines the location. It"s not actually clear what "the levee to be dry" means, but part of American Pie"s charm is its ability to mash up phrases and also keep going. An totally reasonable translate (hampered through the reality that McLean grew up entirely in the Northeast) is that the local teens would get together out on part levee come party and also get drunk, although that"s together universal behavior that McLean must have had no problem visualizing it.

The following "ten years", the course, to be the "60s, and also the less said about that the better.

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Finally, I attract a complete empty on any connection between "levy" and movie theaters. One uncharitable suspicion is that your teacher puzzled "levy" through "marquee".