You’ll need: your garage door opener, a ladder or action stool underneath the garage door engine unit, your automobile parked external the garage doors, and an extra human being if girlfriend need help moving in and also out of your garage quickly (from the engine to your vehicle in 30 seconds or less)


Step 1

Get within of your vehicle, turn it on, and also close your garage door utilizing the opener.

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You will must clear any stored codes in the Homelink that have actually been offered previously. To carry out this, push and also hold the two exterior buttons located under the rearview winter on the driver’s next for about 30 seconds. As you’re stop those buttons, one orange light will appear and start flashing green. The green light suggests that the codes space cleared and it is ready to it is in programmed.

Step 2

Take your garage door remote and also hold it about two inches far from the Homelink buttons.

Push and hold the switch on the garage door remote and the Homelink switch at the very same time. While you are pushing the buttons, you should see an orange, slow-blinking light. Save holding the buttons till you view that irradiate flash green. The environment-friendly light indicates that her garage door remote is now paired through the Homelink button.


If her garage door unit is an enlarge model, with a non-rolling code, that is all the you have to do in order come pair your garage to her 2021 Hyundai Elantra. (Garage doors that space made before 1996 are typically a non-rolling password unit.) However, if the design in your home is newer, the will have actually rolling codes, and require the next step.

Step 3

Locate the “Learn/Program” button on your garage door motor unit. The location and also name that the learn/program switch are distinctive from model to model. You might need to consult her garage door owner’s hand-operated to uncover it.


Once located, you or her helper demands to push the “Learn/Program” switch on the unit. Girlfriend have around 30 seconds to get earlier into her vehicle and also press the Homelink button in the adhering to sequence come pair the devices.

Once you’re in the vehicle, push the Homelink switch in the sequence as follows:

Push and hold for 2 seconds, release.Push and also hold for two seconds, release.Push and hold the for two seconds, release.

That should effectively pair her Hyundai 2021 Elantra.

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We hope the this has helped you come pair her garage door to the Homelink in her vehicle! If you have any type of questions, please reach the end to her sales consultant or speak to Findlay Hyundai in ~ 435-688-7272, and we would certainly love to help.