Regulation NHL Hockey goal Nets 72" x 48"

NHL hockey score nets deserve to enhance your shooting drills and hockey games. We sell several construction and also pricing options.

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According come the NHL website and the NHL Rulebook (PDF), the hockey goal dimensions space as follows:


The goal short articles extend vertically four feet (4") above the surface of the iceThe goals article are 6 feet (6") personally measured from the within of the posts.A cross bar extends native the peak of one post to the peak of the other.

Our NHL hockey nets are durable, stole hockey objectives that conform come NHL regulations.

If interested in purchase NHL type, regulation size hockey goal nets


2- 3/8" Tournament layout Goal
2-3/8" The official “PRO” score – NHL Regulation
2- 3/8" NHL layout Arena Hockey goal - One piece Welded
2- 3/8" Arena style Goal Net
NHL Hockey score Nets - building and construction Quality

These NHL Hockey score nets are built to last a life time. They function galvanized steel building with attractive red enamel ~ above the posts and also crossbar, and also white in the interior on Tournament and one-piece models.

All netting on our NHL hockey score nets is glowing white, UV cure 5mm knotless nylon, with complete trim base skirting included to further defend the netting indigenous pucks and skates.

You"ll uncover impeccable attention paid to details - all welds space finished, all seams are really clean, and no unsightly or worse construction.

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