Did you understand that VBA or VisualBoyAdvance has controller support? but how to change controls ~ above VisualBoyAdvance? If this is your question, then we have got your back.

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VisualBoyAdvance is a totally free emulator for play Gameboy and Gameboy development games. If you room nostalgic around those legendary games, climate you can conveniently play those gamings with this emulator on her PC.

Now, a many of people seem to have actually trouble setting up new controllers with VBA. Yet in reality, the is an extremely easy to set up any kind of controller with this emulator.

As a result, we have come up v a thorough guide on just how to adjust controls top top VisualBoyAdvance. And we room going to share the tips v you in this post.

So, stop dive best in…

Tutorial on how to readjust Controls ~ above VisualBoyAdvance

Before friend Begin

Typically, you deserve to use any gamepads or game controllers with VBA. However, the gamepad need to be recognized, or the driver that the gamepad have to be mounted on your PC.

Also, girlfriend should constantly plug in the controller at first, even prior to opening VBA. Just after connecting her controller to your pc successfully, you have the right to open the VBA.

Otherwise, VBA will not identify your controller. So, you will certainly not be able to change the controls to her liking. So, how do you know that your pc recognizes your controller in the first place?

If the is a plug and play controller, you should simply connect it come the USB port on her PC. Normally, you will hear a notice sound indigenous your computer if the gamepad is detected.

If it is the an initial time connecting the gamepad, friend will see that your computer is installing a couple of drivers concerning the gamepad automatically.

So, wait for a bit, and also you will view a an alert saying ‘Your an equipment is ready to use’. That means the controller is set up. And, you have the right to start to usage it appropriate away.

Still, if you want to make certain you have linked the gamepad correctly and also the computer system has detected it, there is a way to check it together well. Here’s how…

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On windows 7

After girlfriend have connected the gamepad to her PC, walk to the ‘Control Panel’ top top Windows.Next, click on the ‘Hardware and also Sound’ option from there.On the next window, role down and also click ~ above the ‘Game Controllers’ choice from there.Instantly, a new popup home window will show up on your screen. And you will find the list of the linked controllers to your PC and also the status. If it states ‘OK’ under the ‘Status’ tab, climate the controllers occupational perfectly.

On windows 10

You can follow the same steps mentioned above to examine your controller’s standing on home windows 10.

If friend don’t discover the ‘Control Panel’ on windows 10, girlfriend can enter ‘Control Panel’ on the find box near the ‘Start’ icon and also search for it.

Then the ‘Control Panel’ regime shortcut will appear on the find result. Indigenous there, you can proceed by adhering to the comparable steps described above.

Now you deserve to proceed come the accuse section.

Method #1 exactly how to readjust Controls top top VisualBoyAdvance

In this section, we will present you just how to readjust controls on VisualBoyAdvance. This is very easy to follow guide. For her convenience, we will certainly divide this guide into 2 parts. Also, make sure you have a functioning controller and also keyboard plugged into your computer.


For the record, you can use both keyboard and also gamepad to play games using VisualBoyAdvance. Also, at once, friend can set 4 different controller layouts in VBA. So, here we go…

Part #1 setups the Default Controller

Typically, friend can add up to 4 controllers in VBA. In that case, many of the time, controller number 1 becomes the default controller. That course, if you want, you can change it to other controllers too when playing through multiple controllers. So, if girlfriend haven’t set up the default controller, an initial we will show you just how to execute that.

Steps to Follow

First that all, if you want to configure a gamepad, you must plug it prior to doing anything.Next, you should launch the VBA emulator on her PCNow, click the ‘Options’ button from the top food selection bar.In act so, a couple of more alternatives will show up on the overlay menu.So hover your mouse pointer over the option ‘Joypad’. And also then float the mouse pointer again over the ‘Default Joypad’ option.In act so, girlfriend will check out on the right; there space 4 different options. These numbers refer to the chronology that the controllers you have connected to her PCSo, click the controller number you want to collection as the default gamepad for VBA games. Normally, we will use number 1 as the default controller

Part #2 Configuring the Controls

Now that you know how to collection up the default joypad, we can proceed come the following part. In this part, we will show you how to adjust controls on VisualBoyAdvance. So, let’s begin…


Step to Follow

As always, plug the controller into the computer first. Or, if you desire to usage your keyboard to beat the games, you don’t should connect any type of controller.Now, open up the VisualBoyAdvance on her PC.Next, click on the ‘Options’ option from the top food selection bar that the emulator.It will carry out a couple of other choices on the overlay menu. So, hover your mouse over the ‘Joypad’ option.Then float your mouse pointer end the ‘Configure’ option.Next, float the computer mouse pointer end the number of the controller you desire to customize. In this case, we will be clicking on the ‘1…’ option to configure the number 1 controller.After that, a new window will appear on the screen, whereby you will view all the buttons available on VBA. And, you deserve to map those buttons to your liking on her controller or keyboard.So, click on the box next to each button and press the particular key or button on your key-board or gamepad to entrust the new buttons.After you have assigned all the buttons and readjusted the controls to her liking, click the ‘OK’ button from the window’s bottom to save the brand-new settings.

That is it. If friend have followed the steps above carefully, girlfriend have readjusted the controls ~ above VisualBoyAdvance.

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You deserve to usually change controls of as much as 4 gamepads/joypads/gaming controllers complying with this way. However, you will have to customize castle one by one, not at once.

Method #2 exactly how to collection up Controllers in VBA-M?

Setting up a controller in VisualBoyAdvance-M is a bit different than VBA. Still, that is very straightforward like the previous method.

If you room using the VBA-M, you have to follow the steps listed below to change VBA-M controls. Let’s go…


Steps to Follow

First of all, plugin the controller you desire to use to the USB port on her computer.Next, beginning the VBA-M on your PC.Then, click the ‘Options’ switch from the top food selection bar.Then click the ‘Input’ option.Next, friend will have actually to click on the ‘Configure’ option.At this point, you will be able to readjust the controller settings. So, map the controller buttons according to your selection and conserve the new settings

See? It was easy! If you follow the method described above, friend will have the ability to use your new controller through old games on VBA-M without any problem.

Final Thoughts

VBA or VisualBoyAdvance is still recognized as one of the ideal emulators for play Gameboy games. It was released more than a te ago.

So, over there is a probability that plenty of of friend don’t know exactly how to collection it up. Or you don’t know how to set up a controller on VBA.

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Because the that, we have written this short article to aid you with transforming the controls ~ above VisualBoyAdvance. Us hope this short article will aid you if you want to play your childhood favorite games using your modern Xbox or PS video game controllers.

Still, if you have any confusion top top this topic, you can leave her comments below.

Before friend go, girlfriend can check our article on How to affix a PS3 Controller without USB. It will come in handy if you space using a PS3 controller.

As usual, don’t forget to share this post and also let us understand your opinions ~ above the comments below!