While castle look comparable to captions, subtitles just cover what is spoken on the display or in the film. Lock don’t include descriptions of ambient noise and also other sounds. Like closed captions, subtitles have the right to be toggled on and off by users.

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How to rotate Closed Captioning ~ above or off

DIRECTV provides its customers a choice between close up door captioning and subtitles. Both have the right to be toggled on and also off together you check out fit. Follow these measures to rotate closed captioning ~ above or turn off on your DIRECTV.

Navigate come the channel you desire to view the closeup of the door Captions on.Press the “INFO” button on the far control.When the main menu appears on the screen, push the right arrowhead on the remote. Keep pushing the button until you’ve highlighted the CC ar of the menu.The “Closed Captioning” alternative is the first one top top the menu. Scroll under to it.Press the right arrowhead button on her remote come activate the captions.

If the default dimension of the captions makes them unappealing or tough to read, you deserve to customize them. The customization settings have the right to be uncovered in the CC section of the main menu. DIRECTV enables you to change the size and font of closed captions on her screen.

DIRECTV’s closed captioning is 100% compatible with the FCC rules, and it is very useful to world with listening problems. To rotate it off, repeat all 5 steps native above.

How to rotate Subtitles ~ above or off

Aside indigenous the FCC-compliant closeup of the door captioning feature, DIRECTV additionally offers its individuals DIRECTV Subtitles. These are wanted by users who desire to follow the dialogue much better but don’t require descriptions of other noises.

Here’s how to revolve them on.

Go to the channel you desire to enable the subtitles on.Press the “INFO” button on her remote control.The key menu will show up on the screen. Use the “Arrow” buttons on her remote come navigate to the “CC” ar of the menu.A drop-down food selection will open. To mark the “DIRECTV Subtitles” option.Press the right arrow button ~ above the far to toggle the subtitles “On”.

If you desire to turn them off, repeat all five steps.

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Enjoy her Favorite Shows

If you’re having any problems v captions and also subtitles, you can shot toggling them on and off a few times. If that doesn’t help, you could want to try turning her DIRECTV mechanism on and also off. In situation the problems persist, you deserve to send an e-mail to at&t at .