It’s the work after Halloween, and after a night of cheat or treating v my youngest daughter, I assumed I’d article an ATN treat for all of you who space interested in getting some severe SHOT placed results!

… make that 5 tips to be exact….

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This previous Saturday we kicked off our Preseason litter camp series in therefore Cal v the shoot put, and also like every camp there space a hold of concerns for every thrower to work on.

One that the biggest worries our sport encounters is a minimal number of appropriately trained coaches.

Most know conceptually what’s an alleged to it is in done, however, many have actually never to be taught correctly, or better yet, ever been taught a true system… even those the threw in college.

The term “system” it s okay thrown approximately a lot, yet what it’s really referring to is a coaching perspective…. Definition “We method the litter via “x” way”…

The cram Chain Reaction™ System, however, is a actual SYSTEM.

It has actually Step-by-step instructions, methods, language, and also is tested by Science….

… and also you if desire to get better fast, you’ll want to do so in the shortest actions possible!

So with that said, right here are your 5 tricks and also 2 treats:

Tip #1: Simplification.

Once throwers and also coaches begin to look in ~ the litter correctly, its becomes much less complicated to teach and also learn. This is why I claimed some points are simply incorrect.

And if you’re coaching from the dorn perspective, its gonna an outcome in leaving outcomes on the table.

Tip #2: shaft 1 is the an essential to simplification

One the the best problems throughout the board that I watch at every camp is shaft 1: setup up the create Action… even if it is it’s glide, or rotate shot.

By now you need to be familiar with the TCR™ system, and you should understand that the effectiveness of the start of the throw will certainly determine nearly 80% of your success!

The start in the spin has actually 12 biomechanical checks, and also in the the Glide shot, it’s 9.

Therefore, you don’t simply randomly wind and go, or bending in walk in the glide… this is a an essential point to totally understand.

This is the post I always shot to drive house at every camp.

If you just attended the shot placed camp 2 days ago you should have actually this fresh in her mind:

The throw is a Chain reaction and also if the tower 1 is done incorrectly, you room in for a lengthy rough ride.

In a signature the object of tower 1 is to collection up Separation and the sprint leg axis.

If girlfriend don’t set up the separation, you’ll reduced your strength output dramatically. If you don’t collection up the acceleration leg axis., girlfriend can’t move right into a position to create speed… these are 2 vital goals of the tower 1.

If friend don’t master Pillar 1… throw OVER! and also your discovering curve…. Will certainly BE much LONGER.

Everything in the throw from bad foot rotation in the middle, to negative block during delivery to sector fouls, hinges on the efficiency of shaft 1.

Tip #3: know each drill has its own TCR…

…and once a drill is not sequenced correctly, the drill will be done incorrectly.….and it takes therefore much longer to acquire better.

Basically, if you exercise incorrectly, you will throw incorrectly, and also your absence of results will it is in a harsh reality the why you must sequence and also practice litter drills the best WAY.

Tip #4: effort to make your drills feeling smooth and efficient.

Every drill & position, when done correctly, has actually a distinctive feeling. This is what you must find out to recognize and also replicate; the feeling and rhythm of the throw.

The old theory of “if it feeling wrong its right” …. Yeah, that’s complete bullshit!

If that feels crappy, it’s most likely wrong; if that feels weird, yet smoother…

… you’re on the best path. Be patient and also learn how this works.

It’s the key to getting much better fast.

Tip #5: enhance your strength levels.

I understand this is a “No Kidding Coach!” tip….

… but what I typical is the right form of strength.

A lot of youngsters get smoked law the drills at the camp, and details drills taxes your hamstrings, glutes, and also core.

… also with a big bench press and also squat, these muscle areas can be weak and limit your throw.

A many throwers have actually a complicated time hitting positions since they room not strong enough to host the best position.

So ns encourage everyone the doesn’t understand the TCR™ device to examine us out.

If u desire to take your throws come the next level fast… this is how.

If girlfriend don’t acquire tips 1-5 right., it’ll it is in the fatality of your throw!!! 

The TCR mechanism is real, it’s science, and also our equipment is the first of that kind!

It division it all down step-by-step, backed v in-depth detail, and a library of litter analysis video that help you “SEE” the technique much better and greatly improves how you resolve any technical problems or weaknesses.


Once you understand just how to simplify the complexity, the results will follow rapidly.

It’s the coaching and also throwing video game changer.

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– Coach Johnson

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