Zombies are hostile mobs and also one that the most usual enemies players will certainly encounter in Minecraft. There room several varieties of Zombies, every with distinctive characteristics. The consistent ones have eco-friendly skin and also light blue shirt and blue pants; when the babies just have a faster speed. Similarly, the Zombie villagers bears resemblance to a regular villager other than their eco-friendly skin. Husks have actually gray skin and tattered clothes and also are found in deserts. Drowning zombies generate underwater, space blue-faced and also usually wield a trident; lastly, aligned zombies deserve to spawn through armor and tools/weapons.

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You may have encountered swarms of zombies and this is since they aggro onto girlfriend from more away. On tough mode, zombie are capable of breaking down doors and attacking girlfriend in her home!

Types of Zombies

Zombie-TypeAttack StrengthDescriptionHealthDrops
RegularEasy: 1.5 Hearts,Normal: 2.0 Hearts,Hard: 2-2.5 HeartsThe simple zombie. No special traits.20 struggle points,10 complete hearts0-2 Rotten Flesh,(Rare),1 iron Ingot,1 Carrot,1 Potato
BabyEasy: 1.5 Hearts,Normal: 2.0 Hearts,Hard: 2-2.5 HeartsFaster and smaller than consistent zombies. Have the right to fit v 1x1 holes. Have the right to ride various other mobs, also other zombies.20 struggle points,10 complete heartsSimilar to your adult variant.
VillagerEasy: 1.5 Hearts,Normal: 2.0 Hearts,Hard: 2-2.5 HeartsAn infected villager. Deserve to be cured.20 fight points,10 full heartsSimilar to continuous zombies. Will always drop what they room holding.
HusksEasy: 1.5 Hearts,Normal: 2.0 Hearts,Hard: 2-2.5 HeartsA dried out zombie. Commonly found in deserts. Immune come daylight burning.20 struggle points,10 full heartsIdentical to consistent zombies.
DrownedEasy: 1.5 Hearts,Normal: 2.0 Hearts,Hard: 2-2.5 Hearts,(With Trident),Easy: 2.5 Hearts,Normal: 4.5 Hearts,Hard: 6 HeartsA zombie that was underwater as well long. Have the right to spawn v a trident to transaction ranged damage. Can swim towards the player. Does not take damage from drowning.20 hit points,10 complete hearts0-2 Rotten Flesh,(Rare),1 gold Ingot,1 Trident (If stop one),1 Nautilus covering (If holding one)
GearedGeared zombie damages increases based upon what type of knife it holds.,Easy: 1.5 hearts + device damage,Normal: 2.0 mind + tool damage,Hard: 2-2.5 hearts + device damageA zombie with weapons and also armor. If wearing a helmet becomes immune come daylight burning. If attract armor all various other pieces of armor will be the same. For instance if the spawns v a animal leather helmet if it has other armor it will certainly all it is in leather.20 fight points,10 full hearts,+ its armor rating0-2 Rotten flesh,(Rare),Worn armor,Equipped tools/weapons
PiglinEasy: 2 mind ,Normal: 2.5 Hearts,Hard: 3.5 Hearts,(If armed),Easy: 2.5 Hearts,Normal: 4 Hearts,Hard: 6 HeartsA pig struck by lightning or a piglin that wandered into the overworld.20 fight points,10 full hearts0-1 rotten flesh,0-1 gold Nuggets,(Rare),1 yellow Ingot,Golden sword (If holding)

Behavior and Appearance of zombie in Minecraft

The constant zombie is the most common type. They space distinguishable by their eco-friendly skin and light blue shirt and blue pants. Zombies will certainly detect players from additional away than continuous mobs.

Baby zombies have a rare possibility of spawning. They space much faster than continual zombies and still have actually the same amount of health. They look as with their adult variants but much smaller. Be careful approximately these, they have the right to fit in little 1x1 holes and chase you right into your house.

Zombie villagers deserve to spawn naturally or currently villagers deserve to be infected into zombie villagers if you are playing on typical or higher. Castle look just like villagers v their token lengthy noses and their garb will adjust depending on what profession they had.

Husk zombie are uncovered in the desert. Castle have gotten used come the harsh warm of the desert and also are immune to burn in the daylight. They have grayer skin ~ above account of gift exposed come the sun and tattered clothes.

Drowned can be commonly found in s biomes. Drowned deserve to naturally spawn in oceans or continual zombies can spend too much time underwater and also they can become the blue-faced, algae-covered monsters. Drowned perform not take damage from gift underwater as well long and also they deserve to spawn wielding a trident. It might be challenging swimming far from a drowned through a trident. Despite being so waterlogged they room not immune come daylight burn.

Geared zombies have the right to spawn through armor and tools/weapons. Your weapons and armor can generate to be enchanted. They have the right to drop their weapons and also armor v a rare 8.5% chance. If you desire to store what they have actually on them ns recommend leading them to water. When they become drowned they will certainly drop every little thing enchanted armor or tools they were holding!

Zombified Piglin is piglins that wandered right into the overworld or to be pigs that were to win by lightning. They generally hold golden swords and can be distinguished by their bone and also pig meat exterior. Zombified piglins will aggro onto the player if there are any kind of in the area and also the player assaults one.

There room zombie horses that carry out not generate naturally and have to it is in spawned using commands or generate eggs. They have actually a sickly eco-friendly color and some bones sticking out. These horses cannot be tamed or ridden.

What attracts zombie in Minecraft?

Many zombies will merely hunt down players that are within your aggro range. Attacking a zombie will certainly call any kind of zombies in a hundred-block radius come come and assist that zombie. You might encounter a swarm that zombies comes to aid other zombies if you space careless.

If a village is nearby, the zombie will certainly target a villager and also attempt to take the shortest route to one uneven they are struck by something else. Zombie will assault wandering traders together well. Castle will likewise target iron golems which defend villages.

If a player is attract a zombie head the aggro range for zombies is diminished to half.

Zombies will certainly bang on closed wooden doors and also on difficult or over they can break the door down.

How come tame a Zombie in Minecraft?

There is no means to make a zombie-friendly come you in Minecraft. However, you deserve to cure zombie villagers to their constant villager self. They will also give friend discounts on whatever they are selling for conserving them. You can trap a zombie and keep the in your house, but they will certainly despawn when you take trip too far away from them.


Q. Just how do you cure a zombie?

There is no means to cure a zombie in Minecraft. Even splash potions of healing will damages the zombie as result of its undead likeness.

Q. What go a Zombie eat?

From a lore perspective, zombies want to eat your flesh. Unfortunately, over there is nothing the you have the right to feed to a zombie. They space not watched to be eating anything either. They perform drop carrots and also potatoes so possibly they have actually a liking come the earthy vegetables.

Q. Can you cure a Zombie Pigman?

Unfortunately, you can not cure a zombified piglin. The video game has two ways for a zombified piglin to concerned be and also it would certainly be complicated to decision whether the cured zombified piglin would end up being a piglin or a pig. There is no an approach to cure a zombified piglin.

Q. Have the right to you cure a Zombie Villager without a potion?

Zombie villagers space cured v a splash medicine of weakness and also a gold apple. Unfortunately, feeding lock multiple golden apples does nothing, yet you have the right to cure a zombie villager without impending the medicine yourself. If you manage to track under a witch they have a opportunity to throw a splash potion of weakness. Catch a zombie villager and drag a witch in between you and also the zombie villager. If you control to gain her to throw a splash potion of weak you deserve to feed the zombie villager the golden apple come cure him.

Did friend know?

If a zombie spawns with enchanted armor, weapons, or tools you want to save you can lead them into the water and keep them from swimming to the top and also transform them right into drowned. This will certainly make them drop every little thing they had actually on them! If you find a zombie with diamond armor you can save you yourself a most diamonds.

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Baby zombies can piggyback top top adult zombies. Similar to spider jockeys they will certainly both have actually their own wellness bar, yet it have the right to be charming seeing part compassion in the undead green zombies.

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