I have actually tried taming an ocelot and there is no raw fish even in the an imaginative inventory. Once I feed it various other fish, it just goes into reproduction mode however hasn’t been tamed. Is this a bug in the update? because 1.9.0 worked perfectly fine...

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As Ben said, girlfriend can"t tame ocelots anymore as of 1.8.

From the wiki:

A player have the right to feed an ocelot raw salmon or raw cod to get its trust. Prior to Java version 1.14, radical Edition, and also PlayStation 4 Edition, feeding one ocelot could tame it, but in present editions feeding an ocelot reasons it to trust the player, ~ which the no much longer flees from the player.

If you want a cat, you need to tame a cat (a mob included in 1.8 and spawns in villages):

Stray cats have the right to be domesticated using life cod or raw salmon.

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