Is there any method to end beast form early? I find myself utilizing it come clear out a an especially hard portion of a dungeon in ~ times, yet then I need to sit approximately for 2-5 minutes so I have the right to be my person character again (I need to feed to save my health and wellness up, therefore I"m a werewolf longer than the 2.5 minutes).

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Is over there anyway to end it early?



One hour of wait in Skyrim is around equal come 180 seconds (tested making use of shout cooldown times - a 180 second cooldown was prepared after waiting 1 hour, if a 300 2nd cooldown compelled me come wait for 2 hours). Together your time as a werewolf is same to 150 seconds + 30 secs per "feed", if you"ve fed on a huge number of bodies in werewolf form, you may need to wait numerous hours.

I have additionally noticed the the check to see if it"s time to turn ago to normal appears to it is in run only every couple of seconds, therefore you may need come stand roughly for a minute after wait in order for the change to occur.


I uncovered just making use of the wait role for a rapid hour to it is in the best, so when you clear a room simply tap the select switch or what not and once your in video game hour has actually gone by you"ll be your naked self pretty quick.


If you"re playing on the PC, you can install the Werewolf Revert Form mod by RolandSir, i m sorry will allow you to press a an essential to revert from werewolf kind without needing to wait.

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Mod description:

Have you ever wanted come revert from werewolf form, yet pressing the "T" button and waiting was also long and annoying?

Revert come human type by pushing "R" button (or, if you have reassigned the buttons, the one the sheathes your weapon), then push "Z" to activate revert duty and continue your travels!


I was in werewolf form, and needed come transform back to burn the barrier to acquire into dragon reach. Ns was agriculture werewolf perks, come level the werewolf form quickly. I had fed top top a ton of soldiers, friend and also foe. Waiting a couple hours wasn"t working, however waiting about 36 hours was enough time to revert form. As soon as you feed, friend stack an ext time onto your remaining wolf time, the more you eat the much longer it takes come revert form. If waiting hasn"t worked, shot waiting 24 hrs at a time till you turn back.

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