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This write-up came out of a desire to deal with my very own problem. I have some Oster quick Feed hair clippers, and the blades became dull after a while. I invested $50+ on this clippers, so i wasn’t about to litter them away. They market replacement blades, yet at virtually $20 they seemed awful expensive. I want to figure out how to sharpen the currently blades.


After spending fifty percent an hour combing v the dregs the YouTube and also Google I had yet to uncover a simple, no B.S. Write-up on exactly how to sharpen hair clippers written by someone that actually knew what they were talking about. Lot of of shill sites to be willing come serenade friend with short articles barely composed in English, and plenty of civilization on YouTube to be willing come fumble about for 10-20 minutes trying to define this simple process. Neither of those experience left me emotion good.

Eventually ns was may be to figure it out, and I want to salary it front by putting together this rapid guide.

So ns apologize come my continuous readers if this is external our typical programming, but the short article does indicate sharpening things, and Japanese water stones, therefore it type of fits the theme of the site. Possibly you will discover it beneficial or mildly entertaining. And don’t worry, i won’t it is in reviewing hair clippers any time soon…

Without additional adieu, I current my no-nonsense overview to sharpening hair clippers:

What You will certainly Need

You won’t need lot to sharpen your clippers. Here’s a bulleted perform so you don’t forget anything:

A Phillips Screw Driver;A clean Brush;Clipper Oil; andA Rag.

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The most essential piece of tools will be your sharpening stone. I provided Japanese water stones, because those are the bench stones ns have, however you could easily substitute in a diamond rock or Arkansas stone. Heck, you might even be able to use super good wet sandpaper.


I will certainly say the the water stones work good for this. I have actually a collection of King 1000 grit and also 6000 grit stones and also they are perfect for the job. If you use water stones like I did, you obviously must soak them prior to you start. If you have a diamond or Arkansas stone you might want come hit lock up v a tiny lubricant prior to starting.

Disassemble her Clippers

Now the you have everything you need to obtain the job done, very closely take your clippers apart v a Phillips screw driver. There are 2 blades to a set of clippers, so pull those both off and also clean them. Currently would also be a good time to clean the end your clippers v a brush.


Sharpen the Blades

You will want to sharpen the flats of both the top and bottom blade. This is straightforward to do, and also is much less complicated than sharpening a knife. The arrows in this snapshot point come the flats i am talk about:


The cheat is come lay the blade flat on the stone, and run the blades ago and forth along the rock with tenderness pressure. It must not take lot to sharpen your blades. I would suggest 10 passes along the stone.

Make certain you save the flats of the blades flat ~ above the stone. The only method to screw this increase is if you don’t save the knives flat. Some civilization use a magnet together a handle. That’s a next level clipper sharpening move. I’m no that sophisticated. Thankfully if you don’t have a distinct magnet your thumbs and also index finger will work-related fine.


I sharpened my knives on my 1000 grit stone, and also then sleek them top top the 6000 grit rock because I had it handy. I don’t think you need a at sight fine rock to get a decent result, however it doesn’t hurt.


It have to take only a minute or 2 to sharpen the blades. I ended up taking 5 minutes since I was trying to snap some images while ns sharpened. The yes, really sharpening is at sight easy.

Clean and also Oil the Blades

Once you have sharpened your chisels you will desire to clean and oil them before reassembly. I offered a tiny soap and also water come clean my blades, yet rubbing alcohol wouldn’t hurt. I then oiled my blades down to prevent rust, and blotted far the excess oil.

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Reassemble her Clippers

This is probably the trickiest part of the process. When you reassemble her clippers friend will want to take the time to make sure you have the chisels lined increase properly. The knives are spicy so it is in careful.

I don’t tighten the blades down every the means until ns am certain I have actually everything changed the means I want. When you have actually your chisels dialed in add a autumn of oil to the blades, and also then fire up her clippers before you begin cutting hair to make sure everything was put ago together properly.

Sharpening Hair Clippers – last Thoughts

Cutting hair v dull clipper knives is no fun. Lock don’t reduced cleanly, and will sometimes pull hair. It’s similar to trying to usage a dull knife. I use my clippers when a week or so, and end up sharpening around once a year. I’d be curious come hear exactly how often skilled barbers sharpen your clippers.

I hope this write-up helps part people. Don’t it is in intimidated through this if you are new to sharpening things. Sharpening clippers is straightforward to do and you will instantly be able come tell the distinction after sharpening.

A an excellent bench rock will make a large difference here. You want something that won’t move while you room trying to sharpen, and a rock that is broad enough come accommodate your clippers. If girlfriend don’t currently have a an excellent bench stone, I’d introduce the investment. The King stones I offered in this article are inexpensive, and also they will last most world a lifetime. Plus, if girlfriend learn how to freehand sharpen you can also use the stones for her kitchen and also pocket knives.