Understanding exactly how to collection a pocket clock is fundamental for ideal use. Listed below are descriptions and also instructions because that the most common setup methods utilized by the major manufacturers.

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Pictured: hands on the dial the a key-wind watch

Key Set

Early bag watches were wound making use of a tiny metal vital that fit snugly around a winding square in ~ the center of the mainspring barrel. The crucial was also used to set the watch utilizing the center arbor situated at the front of the watch, manipulating the hand directly.

Identification: The facility of the hand arbor will function a little square. The case will likely not attribute a rotating crown, yet rather, a heavy pendant or pusher.

Pictured: hand on the dial of a key-wind watch

How to set a Key-Wind pocket Watch:

Hold the pocket clock dial-up.Located the little lip about the sheet of the bezel. If the watch is fitted in a searching case, use the pusher to open the prior first.Fit the end of the key over the center arbor, where both hands room attached.Rotate the an essential until the hands suggest the correct time.Remove the crucial and closely snap the cover earlier into location using force roughly the bezel edge (not top top the crystal).

Pictured: A bar engaging the setup mechanism.

Lever Set

Lever-set watches ended up being exceedingly famous in the so late 1800s. Once railroad criter were totally established, lever-set watches were compelled for organization to prevent accidental time changes, i m sorry could result in deadly accidents. The setting lever is hidden under the bezel at the sheet of the dial.

Identification: The watch attributes a rotating crown. Pulling up on the crown go not connect the setup mechanism. There is a lever at the edge of the dial when the bezel is removed.

How to collection a Lever-Set bag Watch:

Hold the pocket watch dial-up.If the watch is contained within a searching case, the lever might already be obtainable once the sheathe is opened. If the clock is had within an openface case, carefully remove the bezel and crystal (Possibly screw-off, pry-off, or snap-off).Look roughly the sheet of the dial because that a little metal lever, and also use your fingernail come swing the lever away native the dial to connect the setting mechanism. Rotate the crown till the hands suggest the exactly time.Swing the lever ago toward the dial.Carefully replace the bezel.

Pictured: A pendant crown engaging the setting mechanism.

Pendant/Stem Set

Pendant-set watches readily available a an ext convenient way to set the time due to the fact that it was removing the bezel was no required. However, as result of how conveniently the time could be changed, pendant-set watches were not permitted for railroad organization once railroad demands were fully adopted about 1906.

Identification: The watch includes a rotating crown. Pulling up on the crown go engages the setup mechanism. There is no a lever at the leaf of the dial as soon as the bezel is removed.

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How to set a Pendant-Set bag Watch:

Hold the pocket watch dial-up.Grab the crown in between your thumb and index finger.Carefully traction the crown far from the watch till you feeling it pop. (Sometimes, a significant amount of pressure is required, yet exercise caution.)Rotate the crown until the hands suggest the correct time.Push the crown ago towards the watch till you feel it pop.