How do I reset my armitron Wr330?

Press the button on the top left-hand side of the watch until the seconds flash, then press the button on the button on the top right-hand side of the watch to turn the seconds to zero. Press the button on the bottom left-hand side of the watch until the hours blink.

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How do I change my armitron watch from military time to regular time?

Press the top left button on your watch once. The seconds should begin flashing. Press the lower left button six times until the 12/24-hour format appears. Press the top right button once to select the 12-hour time format.

How do I set the time on an armitron Wr330 watch?

To set an Armitron Wr330 watch, use the buttons on the upper and lower left- and right-hand sides of the watch to manipulate the seconds, minutes, hours and day date. Hold the top-left button until the seconds flash, then hold the top-right button to zero them out.

How do you reset an armitron watch?

Locate the Reset button on the top left side of your Armitron watch. Hold the button for about 3 seconds or until it beeps. You should notice numbers on your screen start flashing. Depending on your watch model, the button may say Set instead of Reset.

How do I change time from 24 hour to 12 hour settings?

How can I switch the time between 24 hour and 12 hour?

Start the Regional control panel applet (start – settings – control panel – regional settings)Select the time tab.HH in capitals means 24 hour, hh (lowercase) means 12 hours.Click Apply then OK.

What does T2 mean on armitron watch?

second time zoneSP=stop watch, AL= alarm, T2 is a second time zone.

How do I set my armitron watch?

Examine the watch face and locate the buttons labeled “Mode,” “Adjust” and “Alarm.” Press the “Mode” button repeatedly until the time display appears on the watch. Hold the “Mode” button until you see the alarm display appear, then release the button. Hold the “Mode” button a second time to enter the time-setting mode.

How do I change the battery in my armitron pro sport watch?

Step 1 Battery. Remove the back strap. Pull back on the strap, while keeping a finger pressed to the metal covering. Gently pull away the metal covering away from the watch. Pinch the metal tab. Pull the chip up and out. Remove two 1.5 mm Phillips Pan Head screws. Add a comment. Remove the battery.

How do I know if my watch needs a new battery?

Here are a few key signs that you’re in need of a watch battery replacement.

Your Watch Has Stopped. Your Watch Doesn’t Keep the Correct Time. The Second Hand Jumps (or is Frozen) There’s Moisture in the Case. There’s a Rattling in the Case. It’s Difficult to Adjust Time or Date. Need More Than a Watch Battery Replacement?

What does T2 mean on Armitron watch?

How do I change my clock to 12 hour?

How to Change the System Time

Select the System Settings icon on the HOME Menu, and tap Open.Tap Other Settings.Tap Date & Time.Tap Current Time.Tap Up/Down Arrows to set the correct Hour and Minute.Select OK to confirm.

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How do I change my digital watch to 24 hours?

How to change your Apple Watch to military time

Open the Watch app on your iPhone.Go to the My Watch tab.Scroll down and tap Clock.Switch on 24-Hour Time.Open the Settings app on your iPhone.Tap General.Tap Date & Time.Switch on 24-Hour Time.


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