i share mutual friends with a many of people on Facebook, however on part they don’t display up. It mirrors that we have 12 common friends, but I only see 4. How does that happen? because that example, one friend has actually her friends perform hidden, however I tho see 2 of our mutual friends (even though I understand we have much more like six)

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The number of mutual girlfriend now includes mutual friends who accounts have been disabled, yet these friends space not displayed. Also, if the person"s complete list of friend is concealed to you, a mutual friend who likewise has their full list the friends hidden to you will not be shown as a common friend.


Scenario: You space viewing Alice"s friend list, who is no your on facebook friend. Bob is your mutual friend.

If Bob reflects his friend perform to his friends, then you deserve to see him together a mutual friend in her girlfriend listIf Bob hides his friend list to his friends, climate you cannot check out him together a common friend in her friend listIf Alice to adjust her friend list together public, then you deserve to see him as a shared friend in her friend list, nevertheless of even if it is he hides this friend list or not

One question: what would certainly be the reason for no seeing Alice in his friend perform if i am friend with her?


If both of your friends hide your friends perform then they will certainly not show up on your common friends list therefore the factor for the difference in the count.


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Why is facebook recommending my friend to my various other friends despite having naught in common and having mine list hidden

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