Yeah, i know, this days it seems to be ~ to paris by. I think it's because the summer just flies by in general. So this particular day I believed I'd discuss something out of the ordinary. Ns remember discovering these terms way back in Spanish ns in high school. So now we're going to discover some mathematics terms in Spanish and also be maybe to use them in day-to-day conversation. Take it a watch readers...

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To discover math terms in the Spanish languageTo be able to use claimed terms in everyday Spanish languageTo develop an magnified understand of Spanish grammar

Basic Arithmetic in Spanish

I know this is a monster topic today, yet bear v me. It's super simple to do basic arithmetic in Spanish. Every you have to do is recognize the proper way to word her sentence. If you want to add, subtract, multiply, or divide, over there is a special way to say it. Let's start with adding.

It's really no that tough really. Just use the word más to indicate the "plus" favor in the English language. Usage the plural type of ser to suggest the "equals" sign. Here... Look in ~ this equation:

Tres más tres boy seis. Three more (plus) three son (is/are) six. 3+3=6. It's just that straightforward really. You can use this in any case once you are discussing a math trouble or instance in which you require to include two numbers together.

Now onward to subtracting. It's the same an approach as including except we have to use menos instead of más. Remember that "menos" method "less" in Spanish. For this reason think of each equation featuring menos to it is in "number less number is..." Here, let's look at this equation.

Dos menos uno es uno. Two less (minus) one is one. 2-2=1. Get it? Let's use one more example.

Cuatro menos dos son dos. Four much less (minus) 2 is two. 4-2=2. Remember to use "son" when the solution is plural and also "es" when the solution is just one or zero.

Multiplying uses the native por which can mean "by" or "on" in Spanish amongst other things. Use this word come specify the product of 2 numbers.

Dos por dos kid cuatro. Two by (times) 2 is four. 2x2=4.

For dividing two numbers use the expression Dividido Por or Dividide Entre. The same sentence phrasing exists here. Just write it like all the various other sentences.

Doce dividido entre tres son cuatro. 12÷3=4.

English WordSpanish Equiv


Las Matemáticas


La Aritmética


La Adición


La Sustracción


La División


La Multiplicación





Divided By

Dividido Por/Dividido Entre

Multiplied By




Today's Vocabulary

Since today's layout is about math. To your appropriate are several math related terms for your use. Once we usage themes, the vocabulary will always reflect the theme. There are no additional notes because that these words save for plus, minus, times, and also divided by that are defined in the ahead section. Keep in mind that all the words meaning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division all in finish in -Ción. That makes every one of those native feminine through default therefore make certain you use the correct post when discussing those things.

Also in the next section there are more complicated terms if you great to learn them and also how to do fractions, exponents, etc. Thanks for reading and enjoy the remainder of this section!

Other Terms

Square Root: La Raíz Cuadrada

Cube Root: La Raíz Cúbica

Fraction: La Fracción

Equation: La Ecuación

The Square Of: El Cuadrado De

The Cube Of: El Cubo De

Integer: El Interger

Decimal: El Decimal

Total: El Total

Fractions and much more in Spanish

Thanks for reading everyone! below are some other tips to mathematical terms in Spanish. I'm walk to walk over fractions, percentages, decimal points, squares, and also cubes in Spanish. It's every pretty straightforward is salary close fist to the wording of the examples and shot your finest to replicate the sentences and also structures. Okay so let's begin with fractions. Everyone remember those lol?

The following terms have the right to be supplied to point out one fifty percent and one third respectively. La Mitad is a word that is used specifically because that specify one half or 1/2. The can also be half of anything. La mitad de mi sandwich (half of my sandwich). The exact same be said about El Tercio which method one 3rd or 1/3. Currently that you've learned those an easy terms, let's obtain a bit more complicated. Carry out you remember her ordinal numbers? In a previous great I introduced those. Those are offered from below on out to express fractions of differing values. Let's take a look.

Tres séptimos es la solución de la problema. Three saturday (3/7) is the systems to the problem. Note that the cardinal number has actually an s in ~ the finish to clues the fraction in plural prefer me do in English. Usage a cardinal number to specify the numerator and a cardinal number to specify the denominator to develop your fraction. Make certain your cardinal number has actually an s at the end to do it plural.

Also don't forget that you don't require fractions come specify various other things. You might prefer simpler terminology when stating a large topic favor statistics and studies. Use words parte to specify that it's a component of a whole. Look at at this examples.

Una sexta parte de la gente come pizza. A sixth of the world eat pizza. Note that cardinal number are offered in this instance. Use those numbers when in require of them. Don't forget to use Mitada and Tercio for just saying half or a third.

En ningún caso el crédito diario excederá a un treintavo de los cargos. In no case will the everyday interest exceed a thirtieth that the charges.

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I obtained this sentence as another example. If you'll notice the word for "thirtieth" is "treintavo". The ending "-avo" can be included to a cardinal number to make it ordinal. This isn't as well common, yet feel totally free to use it if you'd like. Just readjust the indigenous by adding "-avo" at the end. Girlfriend can also use "-ésimo"... Though it's used more common because that numbers in the thousands.