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Do you know there is more than one means to greet someone in the Persian language?

Salam سلام is the very first word you will certainly probably discover to speak in Persian and is the most an essential greeting you must know. سلام  is offered to speak hello and translates in English as “Peace be upon you.”

The reply to this deserve to vary. Age plays a pivotal function in Persian greetings. Kids from an early age learn just how to greet enlarge people and parents teach their kids to it is in polite and also respect larger people. Responding come سلام is even much more important than supplying it.

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The answer to سلام deserve to be as basic as saying it back, or in the case when an older person greets a younger person, the younger person (not children or teenagers) regularly responds by saying salam az bandeh ast سلام از بنده است, an interpretation “It is my duty to market سلام to you first”.

There are other nuances concerning سلام. As soon as a guest enters a party; that is important to greet the many important civilization in the room (the eldest). Greeting v سلام is not minimal to the variety of times the one deserve to say it. For instance, during a party, ~ the early stage greeting is exchanged and a guest goes the end for a while and also returns, the is common to to speak سلام come the totality party again. In this scenario, other people at the party are motivated to say welcome phrases such as befarmayid بفرمایید (come in please) or ya’allah یالله (Oh God). If a guest start a huge gathering, it is recommended to say salam it is in hamegi سلام به همگی (Hello everyone).

There are other salutations in Persian greeting, including Salaam Aleykom سلام علیکم (Peace be unto you), Salam o sad salam سلام و صد سلام (hello and one hundred hellos) and Salam it is in ro-ye mahet سلام به روی ماهت “Hello come your challenge which is together beautiful as the moon!”.

Another means to offer greetings is to say dorood درود which translates in English as hello. درود is no as widespread as سلام. It is quite literary and also stylistic. It is well-known by those who are in donate of pure Persian compared with the word سلام that has actually an Arabic origin.

روزبخیر converts as “good day” at any time of the day. The is provided as hello or goodbye. Remember to pronounce the letter kh ‘خ ‘ choose it is express in Hebrew or Russian, no the letter k ‘ک ‘.

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Different means to exchange greetings in Persian present positivity, respect come elders, and also politeness in Iranian culture. What other ways of saying “hello” have you heard? you re welcome comment below and share your experience.