With together a vast choice of music category available, it"s easy to construct up a substantial list of stations in Pandora that have the right to make your go-to playlists harder to find. Fortunately, the app lets you quickly remove undesirable stations to streamline your experience and also listen to your favorite melody in the fewest taps possible.

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Besides poor discoverability, having a ton of Pandora train station can additionally lead to unnecessary redundancy, as plenty of songs cross end into different genres, favor indie popular music songs playing in alternate stations, and so on. For this reason it may be a good idea to very closely sift through your perform of stations and get rid that the clutter come lessen confusion.

Deleting Pandora station on iPhone

To delete a terminal on your iPhone, start off by opening Pandora and also heading to the "My Collection" page to see your list of accessible Stations. Through default, her Stations are displayed with the most recently play or developed up top, but you have the right to hit the "A-Z" switch along the peak of the display screen to screen them in alphabet order to help you much more easily spot the terminal you desire to remove.

Once you"ve found the target station, swipe to the left, climate tap ~ above "Delete" top top the right-hand side. Now, struggle "Delete" top top the confirmation prompt that appears to wrap points up, and you"re an excellent to go.

Deleting Pandora train station on Android

Removing a Pandora terminal on Android is comparable to the iOS method we emphasize above. So open the app and go come "My Collection," then present your station in either "Recent" or alphabet order ("A-Z"), depending on your preferences.

Unlike the iphone method, however, you need to lengthy press ~ above the terminal you desire to delete to expose a food selection on the right-hand side. Once it does, merely tap top top "Delete station" to instantly eliminate it. If friend erased the terminal in error, you have the right to still retrieve that by picking "Undo" from the toast an alert that appears right after friend delete it.

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