Check out basic to monitor step-by-step guide on exactly how to replace your Ford F-150 or at sight Duty truck"s brake rotors.

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This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014) and F-250 super Duty (2005-2014).

Every when in a while the is nice to roll out the tool set, jack increase the truck, and also do a tiny wrenching. Granted, not every one of us are master mechanics and also cannot upgrade an entire suspension on a Saturday afternoon. An easy job to perform on your own, with only a moderate expertise of lefty loosey righty tighty, is replacing your truck’s brake discs yourself. Instead of the bowl brakes is not only rewarding, but a money conserving as well. Going all DYI is fun. However, some could prefer dropping your truck off at a mechanic just in case any kind of problems arise.

Materials Needed10 mm (Rear), 13 mm (front), and 18 mm (front) sockets.1/2 “ drive (for 18mm socket) and also breaker bar3 lb rubber mallet18” pry barSteel and brass wire brushes8” C-ClampWire

Step 1 - Prepare your truck

Raise your truck, for sure it with jack stands, and also remove your tires. You can learn much more about exactly how to do that through visiting our short article "How to adjust a Tire" ~ above this website. You deserve to learn much more about changing the tire by visiting our article "How to adjust a Tire."


Figure 1. Raise her truck and secure it.

Step 2 - remove the brake calipers

Use her socket to eliminate the 2 18 mm bolts. Then use your pry bar to gently pry the calipers loose. Cave the caliper making use of a wire. Don’t let it hang loose. Once caliper is off, the rotor have to come off.

Figure 2. Caliper prior to removal.

Figure 3. Remove the brake calipers.

Step 3: location the new rotor

Clean increase the hub with wire brush. Put a thin layer the grease ~ above the hub before placing the new rotor. Download the brand-new rotor on.

Figure 4. Download the new rotor.

Step 4 - put the calipers back on

Clean caliper real estate with cable brush. Compress the caliper piston by using your C-clamp. Once compressed, ar the pads ~ above it. Reinstall the calipers and tighten the 18mm bolts. Climate tighten the 13mm bolts.

Figure 5. Compress the piston by tightening the C-clamp on it.

Figure 5. Install the calipers back.

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Step 5 - install the remainder of the components

Put the wheel on, tighten the lug nuts, raise the car, eliminate the jack stands, and lower it. Pump the brake pedals a couple of times before driving.