Brenda asked, “I have actually been using a blue, clingy toilet bowl cleaner. This cleaner pipeline blue trails down the side of both of our toilets and the whole bowl under the water is additionally blue, specifically in the older toilet. Is there anything I can use to get these stains out? They constantly look so dirty! ns am convert to a regular cleaner the is not clingy and also not blue or green, however would love come know exactly how to clean the stain out.”

Many toilet key cleaners save on computer dyes, which have the right to lead come stains in your bowl. This is especially true because that clip-on cleaners that stay in the restroom at every times, and also for older bowls the may have a much more porous surface from too many abrasive clean in the past. Here’s how to eliminate those blue stains indigenous the bowl or below the waterline.

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Removing the Stains there is no Removing the Water

You will certainly Need:

A cleaner (choose one)Denture tabletsOxygen bleachIsopropyl alcoholChlorine bleachA scrubber, such as a toilet brush

Steps to eliminate the Stains there is no Removing the Water:

Begin by removing the toilet cleaning product that is leading to the stains. Research study the product come ensure that it is for sure to use with various other cleaners. Many products can react, particularly with chlorine bleach, therefore it’s crucial to know if your product includes chlorine bleach (as plenty of do) or if that is recommended the it not be supplied with other chlorine products. Back flushing number of times can help to eliminate the residue from the cleaner, the still might not be safe to mix chemicals.One that the easiest ways to remove these stains is to just drop in a pair denture tablets. These work normally to scrub off the dye stains. Repeat as plenty of times as essential to fully remove the stain.Oxygen bleach can also work fine to remove these dye stains. Pour part oxygen bleach into the key (either fluid or powder will certainly work, though if you have actually the choice, use powder – it has actually increased scrubbing power), climate scrub the bowl. The can aid to sprinkle the oxygen bleach straight onto the toilet brush prior to scrubbing. After part scrubbing, let the bowl sit for through the oxygen bleach in that for about 20 minutes. Scrub again briefly, then flush.If your toilet cleaner does no contain chlorine bleach, isopropil alcohol have the right to be used. It’s effective for removing every sorts that dye stains. Merely pour some into the key (about 1/4 cup) and let that sit for around 20 minutes, then scrub.If you space sure that is safe to use chlorine bleach, include a tiny splash (about a teaspoon) come the bowl water and let that sit because that 20 minutes prior to scrubbing. Flush, climate repeat if needed.

Removing the Stains native an north Bowl

Once the water is removed and also the stains space exposed, it will certainly be much easier to eliminate them. Leaving the water in the bowl reasons the cleaner to dilute, making that more difficult for it to with the stains.

You will certainly Need:

A cleaner (choose one):Oxygen bleach powderBaking sodaIsopropyl alcoholA cloth or toilet brush

Steps to eliminate the Stains native an north Bowl:

Shut off the water valve top top the side of the toilet, then flush the toilet to eliminate the water native the bowl.Make a paste v either oxygen bleach powder and water or baking soda and also water. Isopropyl alcohol can be substituted because that water for extra cleaning strength if needed. The paste need to be think, around the consistency that peanut butter or toothpaste.Spread the dough over the stained area.Repeated cleanings may be required if utilizing alcohol as it dries out much faster than water. To alleviate how fast the alcohol dries, you have the right to cover the paste with plastic wrap.Leave the paste in ar for an hour.Wipe turn off the paste through a damp towel or wet toilet brush to examine the results.Repeat the procedure as plenty of times as necessary to fully remove the stains. You deserve to turn the water ago on and flush in between cleanings to an ext easily to wash away the paste.

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Additional Tips:

The crucial to remove dye stains is persistence. They can be challenging to remove, but persistence is what will get the project done.There are comparable cleaners that deserve to be discovered without dyes, therefore if girlfriend still want an in-bowl cleaner, switching to a dye-free version can assist to stop this difficulty in the future.


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