Cosplayers often focus on wigs, trying to recreate the gravity defying watch of your favorite characters, however there room plenty the iconic characters who existing the the opposite problem. If you want to lug people choose Professor X, Luke Cage, or Nebula to life, you have actually two options: shave your head or, because that a much less long-term solution, friend can use a outright cap.

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Bald caps space a classic and readily obtainable prosthetic that have been provided by make-up artists for decades, but they deserve to still it is in tricky to apply correctly. Fortunately, we’ve gained you covered with whatever you need to produce that aerodynamic look you’ve been dreaming of.

Choose her Bald Cap


Bald cap come in a couple of different materials. The cheapest and most readily easily accessible are latex outright caps, which are usually thinner and slightly more delicate than several of the an ext robust materials. The various other common type is a silicone fully cap, i m sorry is more powerful but likewise usually 4 to 5 times the cost. Because both of these are solitary use only, expenses can really add up as you discover to use the prosthetic.

The main difference in between latex and silicone fully caps, as well as the price, is how they space blended into the skin to hide the seam between the cap and your skin. We’ll discuss this a little bit later, however it will influence the materials you require to use the outright cap.

Its also worth thinking about the shade of the lid you’re feather for. They can be discovered in numerous tones to assist match the color of her skin, which will certainly make using the make-up to mimic the look of your skin easier.

Finally, be affected by each other in psychic that applying a bald lid to you yourself is a tricky procedure that calls for a many practice. Because that the purposes of this tutorial, i enlisted the help of my exceptionally patient mam to aid make the happen.

Materials Needed


Step One: Prepare her Head


I am happy in that my hair is pretty short at the moment, so ns didn’t have to do much prep ahead of time. However, also if girlfriend have brief hair you will want to shave the hairline around your neck and ears come ensure you have a smooth surface to apply the adhesive to. Otherwise, removing it have the right to be a painful experience.

If friend do have actually long hair, girlfriend will want to one of two people slick it ago with gelatin or tie it ago into a braid. If your hair goes past your shoulders, you have actually two options. You can tuck it inside the outright cap, which will hide her hair completely but likewise create a noticeable bang at the ago of her head. Otherwise, you can architecture your costume to have a high collar to hide her hair together it dangles out the back of your bald cap, producing a much more realistic head shape. One of two people one works and your strategy will count on the character you space playing and the remainder of their outfit.

Step Two: apply Adhesive come Front Hairline


With her hair pulled earlier from your face, friend can begin to apply the adhesive to her head. I suggest applying it together close as you dare to your hairline, which will enable you to trim an ext away and have much less of a seam come conceal later on. Use a slim line the the adhesive come the hairline above the forehead and also leave that to go tacky for a minute or two. Punch on that or get a fan to rate up the process if girlfriend like.

Step Three: put On fully Cap


With the adhesive applied and also tacky, pull the bald lid onto your head. Prior to you press it to the difficult adhesive, ensure there is enough on the earlier to cover her neck and also hair and also that the cap is focused on your head. As soon as you room happy with exactly how it is inside wall up, press the cap to the adhesive and hold it tight for numerous minutes with even pressure. Make certain the cap is tight throughout the forehead to create a smooth finish.

Remember the adhesives prefer pressure, so be patient and let the sit for as long as girlfriend can. It demands to be stable and stuck down sufficient that you deserve to pull it backward without it risking coming loose.

Step Four: Add an ext Adhesive to sides of Head


Repeat steps two and also three because that each next of the head, applying adhesive to the skin through the sideburns and in prior of the ears. Perform one side and also then the other to aid you make sure that as soon as you press the bald cap to her skin, the top and sides remain smooth.

Step Five: reduced Holes for the Ears


This is where having actually an extra set of hands and eyes is important, since you’ll need some small, sharp scissors to reduced a slit for your ear come come through. Start by cutting a line right up so that you have the right to pull her ear through and also then trim it little by little until the bald lid lies flat however still covers your hair.


This part takes practice, as you want to reduced enough that the lid doesn’t have any type of obvious wrinkles as it lies on your head. Take your time and you must be fine.

Step Six: Glue under the Back


Once both ears are visible, you deserve to pull the ago of the bald cap tight. Apply adhesive to the ago of the hairline and up come the ago of the ears (but no over the top of them), leaving a space where her hair will certainly stick out of the ago of the bald lid if necessary. Remember once I claimed to store those stray hair shaved? This is whereby that’s essential or you will get adhesive in your hair, which is never fun.

Don’t be fear to pull the bald lid tight. If you’ve done a great job the gluing the former of it down, that won’t come loose and keeping it tight will protect against wrinkles native forming.

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Step Seven: Trim the Excess


Once the bald cap is firmly grounding down, start trimming the excess material from the front, sides, and back. Using your small, sharp scissors, reduced as close to the glue together you can. If any bits start to come up, you deserve to apply an ext glue to help keep it down. Go slow and take her time. You’re virtually done!


Step Eight: blend the Edges


The bald lid itself have to be applied securely at this point, allowing you to relocate your face without creases creating or the edge popping up. However, we want to get rid of that evident seam between your skin and the material. If you’re using a silicone outright cap, you have the right to actually melt the edge by carefully applying acetone and blending it right into your skin the way. However, as they room so much cheaper, ns went with a latex cap.


To hide the seam, I offered a lip gloss application to spread out liquid latex follow me the front, sides, and back of the outright cap. Use a thin coat and leave the to dried for number of minutes so that it hardens and also it must smooth the change between her skin and the prosthesis.

Final Steps


The next measures are to do the bald cap look prefer your skin. This deserve to be excellent with structure and make up or, if her character is choose mine and has a an ext fantasy or sci-fi bend, a many body paint. Whichever path you take, you must aim come hide the seam as lot as feasible to develop a organic look.